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JUNE 17-20, 2016



Hosted by the School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China


Conference Co-Chairs:

Prof. Kevin Z. Zhou, Prof. En Xie, and Prof. Chengli Shu


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Global Marketing Strategies of Emerging Market Firms



Conference Theme

It is projected that, by 2025, emerging economies would contribute more than 70 percent of global GDP growth. Firms originating from emerging markets have achieved an impressive growth rate of 24 percent in 2012, as compared to 11 percent for their counterparts in advanced economies (McKinsey Quarterly, 2012). Emerging market firms must leverage global resources, knowledge, and skills to not only cope with relentless challenges from multinational corporations (MNCs) in domestic markets but also compete effectively with those in advanced economies.


Although prior studies have paid great attention to global marketing strategies by MNCs from advanced economies, our understanding of global marketing strategies of emerging market firms is still limited. Given that emerging market firms differ significantly from their counterparts in advanced economies in terms of capabilities and reputation, they may take distinct marketing strategies in their globalization path. The theme of the 25th Annual CIMaR Conference is thus projected to theoretical and empirical issues related to global marketing strategies of emerging market firms. A variety of topics, issues, and research questions, either theoretical or empirical, will be explored at the conference.


Accordingly, we invite proposals for: (i) completed papers; (ii) panel or special sessions; and (iii) working papers. Topics may address such issues as:


w   How do emerging market firms employ globalization strategies to deal with MNCs in their home market?

w   What are the pertinent strategies that emerging market firms could embrace to globalize themselves?

w   How do institutional, industrial, and other environmental factors impact emerging market firms to adopt globalization marketing strategies?

w   How do emerging market firms leverage global resources, knowledge, and skills to compete domestically and globally?

w   How do emerging market firms segment and position themselves in the global market?

w   How do emerging market firms deal with institutional, industrial, and environmental barriers in the host countries?

w   What strategies do emerging market firms embraces to enter, compete, and grow in the global market?

w   What strategies do emerging market firms employ to overcome the challenges of entering and operating in foreign markets?


Proposals related to other contemporary international marketing topics are also welcome.


CIMaR 2016 – Collaboration with major Publications in International Marketing

w   Journal of International Marketing (JIM) - CIMaR 2016 Annual Conference will collaborate with the Journal of International Marketing (JIM) such that top papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication in the JIM. A screening committee composed of conference co-chair Prof. Kevin Zhou and CIMaR co-founder and JIM Founding Editor Prof. Tamer Cavusgil will work closely with JIM Editor-in-Chief Prof. Constantine Katsikeas to select meritorious papers, and mentor their authors prior to a formal review process by JIM. Conference participants will also be welcome to discuss their papers with Prof. Katsikeas with the view to potentially submitting their work to JIM.

w   Advances in International Marketing (AIM) - CIMaR 2016 Annual Conference will also work closely with the current Series Editor, Professor Shaoming Zou, of the Advances in International Marketing (AIM) to coach and assist conference attendants to publish their high quality conference papers in AIM.


About CIMaR 

CIMAR – Consortium for International Marketing Research - has served as an informal and effective networking community for international marketing scholars for 25 years now. Participants originate from over 15 countries and include doctoral students. CIMaR is an informal, global network of scholars who share research and professional development interests in international marketing. Co-founded by Professor S. Tamer Cavusgil of Georgia State University, CIMaR has provided an excellent platform for both established and junior scholars to exchange ideas and form lasting research collaborations. New participants are always welcome. Sessions are organized for both completed research and new project proposals that are under development.


About the Conference Host and Sponsor

Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU), founded in 1896, is a comprehensive and research-intensive institution under direct administration by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The School of Management at XJTU was originally established in 1928 and reestablished in 1984. Its long history in management research and education places the School as one of the earliest management schools in China, and one of a handful of AACSB-accredited business schools in China. Since 2002, the School has been successively ranked as No. 1 in its business administration discipline by the Chinese Ministry of Education. In 2011, the School was awarded the AACSB accreditation.


The Marketing Department currently has 10 full-time faculty, some of whom have received their doctoral degrees from such institutions as the City University of Hong Kong, University of Illinois, Singapore National University, and XJTU. Marketing faculty has published actively in Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of International Marketing, among others.




Conference Venue

Events on the first day will be held on XJTU campus. Over the next two days, events will be held at the Westin Xi’an Hotel. Westin Xi’an Hotel is also the recommended hotel for the Conference.


Important Dates

w   Deadline for paper submission: Jan 31, 2016

w   Acceptance notification: Feb 28, 2016

w   Conference dates: 17-20 June 2016


Best Paper Awards

Three separate best paper awards will be made:

·        Best overall conference paper; sponsored by Xi’an Jiaotong University

·        Best paper by a scholar under the age of 40; sponsored by Xi’an Jiaotong University

·        Best managerial paper in international marketing; in honor of CIMaR co-founder, Professor S. Tamer Cavusgil, and sponsored by Georgia State University CIBER

The author(s) of each paper will receive a US$ 1,000 monetary award.


Cultural Experiences


Xi’an served as the imperial capital for ten ancient imperial dynasties and a number of regional kingdoms. The ten dynasties when Xi’an (Western Peace), then called Chang’an (Perpetual Peace), was the capital of China are as follows: Qin (221–206 BC at Xianyang just northwest of Xi’an); Western Han (200–8 BC); Xin (8–23 AD); Eastern Han (191–195); Western Jin (313–316); Wei (535–557); Zhou (556–581); Tang (618–690); Zhou (690–705); and Tang (705–904).

Xi’an has an unmatched number of precious relics and historical sites, some dating back to its times as capital. More than 4,000 historical sites and tombs have been excavated.

To give our participants a taste of magnificent Chinese history, spilling over thousands of years, conference co-chairs have organized cultural experiences including the following sites:



Kevin Zhou, Ph.D.

Professor of Strategy/IB

Chairman, Departmental Research
Post-Graduate Committee

School of Business

University of Hong Kong

852-3917-1006; fax: 2858-5614



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