For AIB members and researchers in the global or gender space, please find the details for the Academy of International Business Southeast conference in Savanah, GA this November below.


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Academy of International Business, Southeast USA Chapter


November 12th – 14th, 2015


Savannah State University, Savannah, GA


Conference Theme: International Trade, Supply Chains, and Emerging Markets


Submission Deadline: July 15, 2015


The Conference

AIB-SE is one of the largest and most active regional divisions of the Academy of International Business’s sixteen worldwide chapters. AIB-SE’s annual conference centers on the presentation of the newest ideas in international business to an international audience of academic scholars and business practitioners. The conference is characterized by a strong professional focus, providing participants with a supportive and collegial platform to discuss and develop their ideas, as well as opportunity for mentoring of authors to enhance their papers for publication. Over the past three years, AIB-SE ( has experienced significant transformation and growth. AIB-SE has established itself as a valuable brand in the International Business community and the conference has become a reputable academic meeting of choice for almost 350 participants from more than 40 countries.


International Trade, Supply Chains, and Emerging Markets

Globalization has led to establishment of long and complex supply networks, with many entities located in emerging economies such as China[1]. The rising trends of globalization and global sourcing has helped international supply chains spread worldwide with strong (and often) indispensable linkages with emerging economies. This worldwide phenomenon has aided emerging markets towards the path for development, but it is challenging for companies to design and manage these global supply chains that support the execution of companies’ international strategies while being responsive to ever-increasing customer demands. Global supply chains spanning countries and continents are subjected to environmental uncertainties, for example, long and unpredictable lead times, which makes managing international trade and global supply chains challenging, interesting and worth researching. As products and services move across national boundaries and geographical areas, it has created ample opportunities for research in the areas of international trade, global supply chains and emerging markets.

Savannah State University will host the 2015 Academy of International Business Southeast (AIB-SE) conference during November 12 – 14, 2015. The 2015 AIB-SE conference will focus on leading active discussions regarding international trade and supply chain issues facing emerging markets, international supply chain trends, global trade and emerging markets, and strengthening global supply chain management.

Conference Highlights


1.      Professional Development – AIB-SE has a strong focus on professional development. This is exemplified by:


a)      Doctoral consortium, which will be co-chaired by John McIntyre, Georgia Institute of Technology, and William Newburry, Florida International University
b)      New Faculty consortium, which will be chaired by Peter Magnusson, University of Alabama
c)       Competitive paper tracks, papers accepted into competitive sessions are the most developed submissions in the track.  Authors of competitive session tracks will make formal presentations of their work.


d)     Interactive paper sessions, for those papers earlier in development manuscripts or work-in-progress pieces which could benefit from informal feedback from other participants. Authors in interactive sessions will make brief presentations of their work and discuss their work and other session participants’ work in a round table format.


e)      Undergraduate and Masters competitive paper tracks (Doctoral student papers should be submitted to the main tracks) to provide those students with an opportunity to receive critical feedback on submitted papers in the review process as well as the opportunity to present accepted papers in a professional conference. 


2.      Publishing Opportunities

a)      All accepted conference papers will be published in abstract in the 2015 AIB-SE Conference Proceedings


b)      AIB-SE is partnering with Cross Cultural Management (CCM) Special Issue on Gender in International Business/Management.  In addition to the opportunity to submit your paper to this special issue, there is a track in the conference for papers exploring Gender in International Business including a paper development workshop to help authors polish there work in this area, and a panel session along with competitive and interactive sessions.  Papers that are submitted to the conference, and that are approved as having a potential fit with the SI, will be invited to a paper development workshop that is being run at the conference.  The submission deadline for the special issue is February 15, 2016 so there is time to take advantage of these sessions in November at AIB SE 2015 to ready submissions for this issue. Working papers are welcome as submissions to the conference; manuscripts should be submitted via the AIB-SE online submission system by July 15, 2015.  Contact Susan Forquer Gupta [log in to unmask] with any questions regarding the CCM SI.


c)      AIB-SE is partnering with the International Marketing Review Special issue on The International Marketing - Supply Chain Management & Logistics Interface. This special issue (SI) was developed around the conference theme.  Papers that are submitted to the conference, and that are approved as having a potential fit with the SI, will be invited to a paper development workshop that is being run at the conference venue in November. The submission deadline for the special issue is February 28, 2016 so there is time to take advantage of these sessions in November at AIB SE 2015 to ready submissions for this issue. Working papers are welcome as submissions to the conference; manuscripts should be submitted via the AIB-SE online submission system by July 15, 2015. Contact Peter Magnusson [log in to unmask]  with any questions regarding the IMR SI



3.      Conference AwardsPrestigious awards with cash prizes will be given for the conference Best Paper, Best Paper - conference theme, Best Paper- Doctoral Student, Best Paper- Master’s student, and Best Paper - Undergraduate student. Consistent with the developmental focus of AIB-SE, we also recognize the best reviewer and the best student reviewer.


4.      AIB-SE and The Asia Institute announce $1,000 scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students submitting papers at the conference, and committed to global learning experiences. In order to apply for the award, please fill the student application along with a faculty advisor. For more information, please apply and fill the application form here by September 30, 2015.


5.      Keynote Speakers – This year’s conference theme will focus on leading active discussions regarding international trade and supply chain issues facing emerging markets, international supply chain trends, global trade and emerging markets, and strengthening global supply chain management. Focused sessions, special panels, and a keynote address by AIB Fellow IB scholar and incoming AIB President Dr. Rosalie Tung of Simon Fraser University will provide valuable insights at the conference. 


6.      Fun on Savannah River, Riverboat Cruises, and Atlantic Ocean! - Savannah is the oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia. Established in 1733, the city of Savannah became the British colonial capital of the Province of Georgia and later the first state capital of Georgia. Savannah is an abundant city to visit any time of year, with activities for everyone to indulge in. From live music and food festivals, to art exhibits and Civil War re-enactments, the conference location, Marriott Riverfront, Savannah is built on the historic Savannah River with all kinds of events to excite the mind, the body and the senses. Marriott Savannah Riverfront is only 20 minutes away from the Tybee Island with beautiful views of Atlantic Ocean (


Savannah Marriott Riverfront is offering AIBSE participants: a special group rate for 169.00 USD per night Book your group rate: AIB-SE >>


On November 13, 2015 (Friday), AIB-SE participants will enjoy an evening of dinner, entertainment, and an unforgettable 2-hour (7pm to 9 pm) tour of Savannah River through Savannah Riverboat cruises ( at discounted rates! More information will be available during conference registration.


Paper and Panel Submissions

Paper and panel submissions for AIB-SE 2015 are organized under the following topical tracks.   Each paper or panel proposal can only be submitted to one track. Please select the track that is the best fit for your submission from the list below:


1.      Global Supply Chains and International Trade (Conference Theme Track)

This track seeks submissions focused on supply chains, international trade and interrelationships amongst logistics, supply chain management and global trade.  Of interest are the papers that examine the impact of institutional, political and regulatory factors on supply chain management issues and the effects of institutional change on IB and supply chain processes. We welcome submissions that offer important conceptual and empirical insights into the nature and processes of SCM, channel development and management, geographical collaborations, and global supply (value) chains.


Track Chairs:

Peter Magnusson, University of Alabama, [log in to unmask]
Glenn Richey, Auburn University, [log in to unmask]

2.      IB Theory, FDI, and Entry Mode Strategies

This track seeks submissions that advance our understanding of International Business theory, trends regarding Foreign Direct Investment, and current thought regarding Entry Mode strategy, import/export, and any industry differences. The track invites papers that explore IB theory, FDI including motivations for undertaking investment, drivers and determinants of location choices and entry mode decisions. Papers highlighting emerging and developing markets are encouraged.


Track Chairs:

Wlamir Xavier, Eastern New Mexico University and UNISUL, [log in to unmask]

Jack Clampit, University of Alabama, [log in to unmask]


3.      Global Strategy and Competitiveness of the Multinational Enterprise.

This track invites conceptual and empirical papers that deal with MNC/MNEs global business strategies, and their impact on competitiveness. We encourage papers that examine the relationship between global strategies and how these relate to institutional or economic changes in home and host countries.


Track Chairs:

Daniel W. Baack, University of Denver, [log in to unmask];

Kun Michelle Yang, Central Michigan University, [log in to unmask]


4.       Governments, NGO’s, Global Institutions and State-Owned Enterprises: Papers that examine how the regulatory and/or political environments shape influence and impact on international firms, NGO’s, and state owned enterprises.  Appropriate for this track are papers dealing with institutional and political risk including regulation, policy and trade relations.  Papers that offer conceptual and empirical insights on global issues, such as the impact of terrorism, climate change, health, human rights, sustainability, and international relations are welcomed as well.

Track Chairs:

Min Lu, Monmouth University, [log in to unmask]

Reccia Natasha Charles, St. Georges University, [log in to unmask]


5.      International Marketing

Submissions with contributions to international marketing theory, global marketing, global branding, international/sub-cultural segmentation, social responsibility, society, sustainability, product positioning, personal selling and sales management, and global pricing are welcomed. Papers that offer new conceptual and empirical insights into the nature and processes of cross-border marketing are also encouraged.


Track Chairs: 

Stanford A. Westjohn, University of Toledo, [log in to unmask];

Nicole Hartley, University of Queensland, [log in to unmask]


6.      International Accounting, Economics, and Finance

Accounting, Economics or Finance contributions (e.g. M&As, valuation, capital flows, transfer pricing, international trade, exchange rates, international political economy, international economic development, etc.). Papers dealing with applied or theoretical economics papers and/or economics research methods, including developing theory using the tools of economics, accounting and finance are invited for this track. Papers examining accounting, finance and economics research questions such as international trade and development are also appropriate for this track.


Track Chairs: 

Andrea Paltrinieri, University of Verona, [log in to unmask]

Lydia Gan, University of North Carolina-Pembroke, [log in to unmask]


7.      Entrepreneurship, SMEs, and Born Globals

This track seeks submissions that advance our collective understanding of the Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), international entrepreneurship or comparative cross cultural entrepreneurship, family firms, business groups, and the unique format of the Born Global. Of interest are the papers that explore crucial insights into “born global” firms as they grow and mature over time, how some firms internationalize early than others, and how entrepreneurship, family owned, business groups, SMEs and born globals add value to international business scholarship.


Track Chairs: 

            Jorge Alcaraz, Tecnológico de Monterrey, [log in to unmask]

            Amit Arora, Savannah State University, [log in to unmask]

            Reginald Leseane, Savannah State University, [log in to unmask]


8.      Organization and Human Resources of the MNE/International OB

This track seeks to explore ways in which MNEs operate across diverse international contexts, and how they configure themselves internally and externally. Novel forms of organization that cross geographic locations such as virtual teams, internal knowledge networks, diversity management and offshore divisional headquarters are welcome in this track. Moreover, we seek contributions that challenge conventional theories and knowledge on HRM in an international context, covering for instance Employee Relations, Expatriation, Team Management, Global Talent Management and Performance Management.  The track also focuses on theory and research in cross-cultural managerial issues, the influence of culture on organizational behavior and HR practices.  Contributions may be empirical or conceptual, comparative or apply single country analysis. 


Track Chairs: 

Sabine Bacouël-Jentjens, ISC Paris [log in to unmask]

Edward Akoto, Henderson State University, [log in to unmask]


9.       WAIB/CCM  Special Track: Gender in International Business Research

This track invites conceptual and empirical papers on topics specifically related gender in the international business context. Some examples of topics of interest include: how gender inspires conflicts and creative synergies in an international business context, cultural differences in gender roles/identities for cross-cultural management/management in the international context, gender imbalances in international management, gender and status, gender and leadership, gender and expatriate assignments, gender and international business law, sexual orientation and transgender status in cross-cultural management contexts, masculinity in management and the gendering of work roles, gender in conjunction with other identities, gender and economic development and/or gender in developing countries, culture and women’s entrepreneurship.


Track Chair:

Amanda Bullough, Vice President WAIB, University of Delaware, [log in to unmask]

            William Newburry, Florida International University, [log in to unmask]


10.  Culture, Culture Theory,  Cultural distance, Psychic Distance
This track seeks submissions where the primary contribution is advancement of culture theory, culture measures, comparative frameworks, and specific constructs or theoretical development in the area of understanding the role of culture in international or global business environments. We welcome both empirical and conceptual papers. This track is open to both micro and macro perspectives, to different levels of analysis, and to different levels and conceptualizations of culture (e.g., national culture, organizational culture, professional culture, global communities) within the context of international business.

Track Chair:

Riikka Sarala, University of North Carolina Greensboro, [log in to unmask]


11.  Cross-Cultural Measurement, Research Methods, Analytics and Metrics

This track seeks submissions where the primary contribution is advancement in international research methods or measurement.  Papers can be from any topical area but focus on measurement development, methods, or issues specific to the rigors of conducting international and cross cultural comparative research.  Qualitative or quantitative methods, emic, etic, approaches and techniques are welcome.


Track Chairs:

Vas Taras, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, [log in to unmask]

Jun Wu, Savannah State University, [log in to unmask]


12.  The World of International Business Education 

This track seeks submissions with contributions in teaching IB, pedagogy, example or cases addressing issues relevant in teaching IB/Global courses and examples or new developments in experiential learning. This includes the use of technology to enhance IB courses, developing study abroad programs, and other curricular issues.


Track Chairs: 

Carolyn Mueller, Stetson University[log in to unmask];

Anne Marie Zwerg-Villegas, Universidad de La Sabana, [log in to unmask]


13.  Undergraduate/Graduate Students

All undergraduate and master’s level submissions regardless of the topical area should be submitted to this special track for non-doctoral student work.


Track Chairs:

Hailee Tindale,  ISC Paris Business School, [log in to unmask]

Alexander A. Assouad, Belmont University, [log in to unmask]


Conference Submission Instructions

All submissions will be handled through the AIB-SE online submission system. All manuscripts and proposals must be submitted by July 15, 2015. For up-to-date information about the conference and related events, please check the conference website at Any questions regarding this call for papers should be addressed to the track chairs or the Program Chair.


There will be three kinds of sessions:


1)      Competitive Sessions – Submissions of fully developed papers are appropriate for consideration for competitive sessions. Competitive papers must be fewer than 10,000 words inclusive of all materials, including appendices and references.


2)      Interactive Sessions –Shorter manuscripts or work-in-progress pieces which could benefit from informal feedback from other participants are appropriate for submission to the interactive sessions. These sessions are held in roundtable discussion format that allows for interaction with other researchers with similar interests. Interactive papers should be limited to no more than 5,000 words.

Please note that submitting a manuscript as a competitive paper does not necessarily mean it will end up in a competitive session. The best papers in each track will be placed into the competitive sessions while lesser developed papers will be placed in interactive sessions.  The number of competitive papers we can accept for the conference is limited and therefore sometimes fully developed papers will be placed in an interactive format session due to space considerations.


3)      Special Topic/Panel Sessions – We invite special topic/panel sessions, which can be in a variety of formats. Proposals for special sessions should describe the topic, session format, and its importance to international business research or education and identify all individuals (with their qualifications) who will formally participate. Panel proposals should be limited to no more than 5,000 words.  Selection of special topics/ panel sessions will be limited and according to the quality of the panel, and currency of the topic.  The panel sessions are also used for new topics that are important in the current IB environment where in-depth research is yet to be conducted.


Submission Guidelines

All submissions must conform to the following guidelines:



After Submission
Authors will be sent an automatic e-mail confirmation message upon successful uploading of their paper on the website acknowledging receipt of their submission. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 24 hours of submitting your manuscript or proposal, please inform the conference chairs, Dr. Susan Forquer Gupta, and Dr. Anshu Arora. All manuscript submissions will be subject to a blind review process and will be evaluated based on interest to AIB-SE members, relevance to IB research, teaching and/or practice, analytical and conceptual rigor, quantitative and qualitative methods (if applicable), innovativeness, and significance of conclusions. Panel proposals will be evaluated based on interest to AIB members, relevance to IB research, teaching and/or practice, quality, innovativeness, fit with conference theme, and diversity of participants.

Anshu Arora, Ph.D.
AIB-SE Vice Chair &
2015 Conference Chair
Savannah State University
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Susan Forquer Gupta, Ph.D.
2015 Program Chair

Monmouth University

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Gerard Burke, Ph.D.
2015 Conference Co-Chair
Georgia Southern University
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[1] Marucheck, A., Greis, N., Mena, C., & Cai, L. (2011). Product safety and security in the global supply chain: Issues, challenges and research opportunities. Journal of Operations Management29(7), 707-720.