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Special Issue: Entrepreneurship in the Informal Sector: institutional perspectives

Guest Editors: Colin C. Williams, University of Sheffield, UK
Marijana Baric, University of Buckingham, UK

The informal sector refers to activities that are lawful in nature but not declared to the public authorities and thus are fully or partially outside of formal government regulation, taxation, and observation. In recent years, there has been growing recognition that many entrepreneurs operate wholly or partially in the informal sector. This tendency of entrepreneurs to operate in the informal sector is applicable not only in developing countries but also in transition economies as well as western developed nations.
Indeed, it is recognized that although this is a sizeable realm in global perspective, such entrepreneurship is more prevalent in some global regions and nations. It is also widely recognized that this is a heterogeneous sphere and that its character varies across populations. In some populations, it may be largely necessity-driven entrepreneurs operating in the informal sector; in others, it may be opportunity-driven entrepreneurs.
Special Issue on entrepreneurship in the informal sector: institutional perspectives
This special issue seeks to explore entrepreneurship in the informal sector from a range of institutional perspectives. Economic relations and institutions are shaped within - and thus are an integral part of - the surrounding political, social and cultural context. As such, informal sector entrepreneurship has to be understood within the broader political, social and cultural context of the places in which it is found.

The aim of the special issue is to bring together studies of informal sector entrepreneurship drawn from a wide variety of contexts. Empirical as well as conceptual studies are welcome. Topics of interest might include but are not restricted to the following:

• The influence of formal and informal institutions on informal sector entrepreneurship
• The role of weak institutions and corruption
• Tax morale
• Public perceptions of informality
• Social entrepreneurship in the informal sector
• Vulnerable groups and entrepreneurship/bottom of the pyramid studies
• Necessity- versus opportunity-driven entrepreneurship
• Public policy perspectives on informal sector entrepreneurs
• Case studies of policy initiatives to tackle informal entrepreneurship
• Social capital and informal entrepreneurship
• Risk of detection and informality
• Comparative studies of informal entrepreneurship

Other topics not mentioned above are welcome so long as they conform to the broad theme of the special issue.

Submission instructions

The deadline for the submission of papers is 15th January 2016.

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Enquiries regarding this special issue can be addressed to: Marijana Baric ([log in to unmask]) or Colin C. Williams ([log in to unmask]).


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