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Please find attached a call for papers on “Power in Supply Chain Management”, for a special topic forum in the Journal of Supply Chain Management.


IB perspectives, e.g., regarding the role of institutions and cultural aspects in the use of power between firms, are very welcome.


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Felix Reimann





Special Topic Forum on

Power in Supply Chain Management


Guest Editors:


Felix Reimann (Korea University Business School) and

Dave Ketchen (Auburn University)


Power can be defined as the ability to influence others’ behavior or the course of events. The role and nature of power in supply chains is evolving because firms are increasingly embedded in complex, globally dispersed supplier networks. With supply chains spanning multiple tiers and buyers and suppliers often sharing multi-faceted relationships, the question arises as to how individual firms wield power, how control of the supply chain is gained, how profits are distributed, and what consequences the use of power has on the supply chain ecosystem.

We invite papers for the Special Topic Forum on Power in Supply Chain Management that challenge and advance our understanding of power in modern supply chains. Papers may be either conceptual or empirical in nature and pursue either theory-building or theory-testing. In terms of empirical methodology, papers may be based on various techniques (e.g., survey, archival research, laboratory studies). Papers focused on conceptual theory building are welcome too.

Appropriate theoretical perspectives include but are not limited to Power-Dependence Theory, Resource-Dependence Theory, Resource-based Theory, the Relational View, Social Exchange Theory, and Social Network Theory. Papers that integrate multiple perspectives, multiple levels of analysis (e.g., firms within supply chains, functions within firms, or individuals within firms) and multiple methodologies are especially encouraged.

Appropriate topics include but are not limited to:

        What are the sources of power in supply chains?

        What role can networks, knowledge, and information play?

        How do non-market stakeholders influence power in supply chains?

        What are the dynamics of power in supply chains?

        What are the dynamics of power within the firm and how do they influence supply chains? How does power evolve over time?

        How do firms use power to exercise control in complex supply chains?

        How do firms deal with high power asymmetry in the supply chain?

        What role do the behavior of individual decision makers and their relationships play in firms’ use of power?

        What role do institutions and cultural aspects play in the perception and use of power in supply chains?

        What are the ethical perspectives on the use – and abuse – of power in supply chains?

        How do the existence and use of power influence the effective functioning of supply chain relationships, the performance of the supply chain and the firms within it, and other relevant outcomes?



Manuscripts must conform to JSCM style guidelines and submission requirements, and should be submitted electronically via the Journal’s online submission platform ( Please note in the cover letter that the submission is for the Special Topic Forum on Power in Supply Chain Management. Questions can be addressed to the Guest Editors: Felix Reimann ([log in to unmask]) or Dave Ketchen ([log in to unmask]).


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