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Center for Emerging Markets, Northeastern U

Presents its 6th Annual Symposium

in association with Cornell University’s Emerging Markets Institute on


Beyond the BRICs
on Tue June 2, 2015 from 8am -2pm EST

Second-tier emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are growing rapidly. Should your organization enter these markets? What will it take to succeed? Find out from the experts.


View live webcast by clicking here on June 2nd @ 8am
Until webcast begins, page will be blank—but you are in the right place!


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 Jonathan Berman, Senior Advisor, Dalberg 

Ömür Budak, Consul General of Turkey in Boston

Lourdes Casanova, Academic Director, Emerging Markets Institute, Cornell University 

Bhasker Natarajan, COO, Large Emerging Markets EVP, Liberty Mutual International

Humberto Ribeiro, former Secretary of Commerce and Services (2010-2014), Govt. of Brazil

Joel Schwartz, Senior Vice President, EMC

Wiebe Tinga, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Hasbro

Organizer: Ravi Ramamurti, DMSB Distinguished Professor, and Director, Center for Emerging Markets, Northeastern U

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