Dear Colleagues,


You are cordially invited to our 8th session of FERC Spanish Discussion Group.


FERC Spanish is a virtual group conversation with the aim of bringing together academics and researchers from Spanish speaking researchers with the objective of sharing experiences, issues, projects or techniques and to increase and support the efforts to expand our knowledge regarding family business collaborating with many colleagues in the Americas, Europe and Asia, according to the founding principles of FERC


The virtual session is free and we will use Zoom software which is a very simple program (like Skype, free but more stable).


This 8th meeting will be Wednesday July 8 and has an extension of one hour and 15 minutes, local Schedules see below. To reserve your space and details of the connection through Zoom software, just click on


About the program:

The first part will be conducted by Juliana Hernández (ADEP, Brazil)  She will share the research Best poster Spanish/Portuguese Award FERC 2015 titled “Associacao Entre Empresas Familiares: O Caso Do Vale Dos Vinhedos, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brasi”. Immediately after, Katiuska Cabrera Suárez (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain) will present the theme “Las Familias Empresarias y la heterogeneidad de las Empresas Familiares ".


On behalf of FERC Spanish Discussion Group, see you on July 8.




Claudio G. Müller

Adjunct Professor

School of Economics and Business

University of Chile

FERC Spanish Discussion Group

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Local Schedules:

Los Angeles (USA): 7:00 AM

Guatemala y Costa Rica: 8:00 AM

México, Perú y Colombia: 9:00 AM

Venezuela y Boston (USA): 10:00 AM

Uruguay, Sao Paulo (Brasil), Argentina y Chile: 11:00 AM

Londres: 3:00 PM

Madrid y Alemania: 4:00 PM


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