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It is our pleasure to inform you that the new issue of EBER (Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review) has been released online. This thematic issue is dedicated to “International Entrepreneurial Orientation: Theoretical Perspective” and includes the following articles: 


Editorial: International Entrepreneurial Orientation <> 

 <> PDF 

Krzysztof Wach 



Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Internationalisation Process: The Theoretical Foundations of International Entrepreneurship <> 

 <> PDF 

Krzysztof Wach 



Opportunity Identification and Creation as Factors of Firm Internationalisation <> 

 <> PDF 

Agnieszka Żur 



The Speed and Extent of New Venture Internationalisation in the Emerging Economy Context <> 

 <> PDF 

Rūta Kazlauskaitė, Erkko Autio, Tadas Šarapovas, Šarūnas Abramavičius, Modestas Gelbūda 



The Resource-based View and SME Internationalisation: An Emerging Economy Perspective <> 

 <> PDF 

Rūta Kazlauskaitė, Erkko Autio, Modestas Gelbūda, Tadas Šarapovas 



Innovation Processes as a Stimulant of Internationalisation Process of Firms <> 

 <> PDF 

Małgorzata Kosała 



Risk Taking Propensity and Firm Internationalisation Process <> 

 <> PDF 

Janusz Fudaliński 



Export Barriers for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: A Literature Review based on Leonidou’s Model <> 

 <> PDF 

Vijay Narayanan 



Factors Stimulating Internationalisation of Firms: An Attempted Holistic Synthesis <> 

 <> PDF 

Magdalena Belniak 



Assessment of a Country’s Regional Economic Development on the Basis of Estimation of a Single Process (ESP) Method <> 

 <> PDF 

Romualdas Ginevičius, Dainora Gedvilaitė, Šarūnas Bruzgė 



The full issue can be downloaded as:  <> PDF (12.2 MB). 

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We do hope you will find these articles interesting and inspiring for your future research. 

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