*Family Firms in Iberoamerica*

*In Association with the 2015 Family Enterprise Research Conference


It is widely acknowledged that academic research in family firms in
emerging markets in general and Latin America in particular is an
understudied subject as noted in recent studies of the state of corporate
governance research for emerging markets (Claessens and Yurtoglu, 2013; Fan
et al., 2011; Kearney, 2012). Families and family conglomerates still are
the main source of controlling shareholders and entrepreneurial source for
private sector development in the region. The most important business
groups are under the control of families.

Many family firms in the region are facing common problems and challenges
for their long term growth and market survival as organizations. These
problems have been documented in the empirical literature of family firms1
but there are fewer studies in the *Iberoamerican* region regarding firm
succession and sustainability, professionalization, internationalization,
corporate social responsibility, governance (e.g. CEO turnovers and
entrenchment, the role of outside directors, firm efficiency and the
founder effect), R&D investments, capital structure and external funding
among many other topics, the role of family businesses in different
economies and societies.

In this special issue, we invite researchers to submit original papers,
case studies and review articles that provide new insights on family firms
in Iberoamerican countries. Articles that compare the findings from these
regions with the current literature are particularly encouraged. The topics
to be covered by this call include, but are not limited to:

∑         Firm succession, family legacy and sustainability of family

∑         Essays in business history of families firms.

∑         Firm performance and the family founder effect.

∑         Internationalization and businesses diversification in family
controlled firms.

∑         Family business groups and conglomerates.

∑         Corporate governance in family firms.

∑         Family businesses finance, capital structure and agency

∑         Entrepreneurship dynamics within family firms.

∑         Productivity and innovation in family controlled firms.

∑         Professionalization and delegation within family firms.

∑         The role of family businesses and business families in different
economies and societies.

For questions regarding, Submission Process & Guidelines for this special
Issue please contact the Guest Editors:

Alberto Gimeno, ESADE, Spain [log in to unmask]

Maria Josť Parada, ESADE, Spain [log in to unmask]

Claudio Muller, Universidad de Chile, Chile [log in to unmask]

*References *

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