Dear colleagues:

I am delighted to let you know about the paper award, sponsored by the Aalto University School of Business, which will be given at the upcoming AIB conference in Bengaluru. The Aalto University School of Business “That’s Interesting!” Award recognises the AIB conference paper that most effectively pushes the boundaries of our existing knowledge in the field. The criteria for the award are based on the extent to which the paper:
· crosses boundaries,
· challenges taken-for-granted assumptions in the field,
· denies old “truths”,
· attracts the reader’s attention, and
· makes an original argument.

The award has been named after Murray S. Davis’ seminal article about how to define what is interesting in social sciences (Davis, M.S. 1971. That’s interesting! Towards a phenomenology of sociology and sociology of phenomenology. Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 1: 309-344). Nominations for the award, which includes a plaque and US$1000, are made by the AIB conference track chairs. This is the fourth year in which the award has been given.

The winner of this year’s Aalto University School of Business “That’s Interesting!” Award will be announced at the 2015 AIB conference, on Monday, 29th June, at the afternoon coffee break (15.45-16.15, in the Royal Ballroom). The nominated papers are listed below, with the associated session information:

Public Support for Innovation and the Openness of Firms' Innovation Activities (Session 1.4.5)
Marcelo F Cano-Kollmann, Temple University
Robert D. Hamilton III, Temple University

The Interdisciplinarity of Cross-National Research (Session 2.4.8)
Brian R. Chabowski, University of Tulsa
Saeed Samiee, University of Tulsa
G. Tomas M. Hult, Michigan State University

Global Diversification Discount and Its Discontents: A Bit of Self-Selection Makes a World of Difference (Session 3.1.2)
Sungyong Chang, Columbia University
Bruce Kogut, Columbia University
Jae-Suk Yang, Columbia University

Language and Globalization (Session 1.1.3)
Palitha Konara, University of Huddersfield

A Comparative Analysis of Stock Market Development: The Impact of Formal and Informal Institutions (Session 2.4.6)
Robert Lindorfer, WU Vienna
Anne d'Arcy, WU Vienna
Igor Filatotchev, WU Vienna

Political Violence and Greenfield FDI Flowing to the Natural Resources Industries of Developing Countries (Session 1.5.7)
Enrico Pennings, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Martijn Burger, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Caroline Witte, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Elena Ianchovichina, World Bank

"Life is Elsewhere": A Longitudinal Diary Study of Female Self-Initiated Expatriates' Cross-Cultural Adjustment (Session 1.3.8)
Heidi Marie Wechtler, Macquarie University

Warmest congratulations to all of the nominees for the 2015 Aalto University School of Business “That’s Interesting!” Award! Please join us on Monday, 29th June, when the winning paper will be announced.

Best regards – and safe travels to all who are heading to Bengaluru,

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