[Journal of World Business]<> Journal of World Business<>
Volume 50, Issue 3 ,  Pages 389-608, July 2015<>

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Pages i-ii

Editorial Board<>
Pages iv-vii

Achieving legitimacy through corporate social responsibility: The case of emerging economy firms<>   Original Research Article
Pages 389-403
Qinqin Zheng, Yadong Luo, Vladislav Maksimov

The evolving geography of production hubs and regional value chains across East Asia: Trade in value-added<>   Original Research Article
Pages 404-416
Gabriele Suder, Peter W. Liesch, Satoshi Inomata, Irina Mihailova, Bo Meng

Accelerated internationalization and resource leverage strategizing: The case of Chinese wind turbine manufacturers<>   Original Research Article
Pages 417-427
Hao Tan, John A. Mathews

Reducing cultural uncertainty through experience gained in the domestic market<>   Original Research Article
Pages 428-438
Sungjin J. Hong, Seung-Hyun Lee

Enemy or friend? The cultural impact of cross-functional behavior on the EO–performance link<>   Original Research Article
Pages 439-453
Markus Schneider, Andreas Engelen

Analyzing business-to-business relationships in an Arab context<>   Original Research Article
Pages 454-464
Ron Berger, Avi Silbiger, Ram Herstein, Bradley R. Barnes

The effect of culture on the responsiveness of firms to mimetic forces: Imitative foreign joint venture entries into China, 1985–2003<>   Original Research Article
Pages 465-476
Chengguang Li, K. Praveen Parboteeah

Offshoring of higher education services in strategic nets: A dynamic capabilities perspective<>   Original Research Article
Pages 477-490
Bella Butler, Werner Soontiens

Growth paths of small technology firms: The effects of different knowledge types over time<>   Original Research Article
Pages 491-504
Ioanna Deligianni, Irini Voudouris, Spyros Lioukas

A multi-theory approach to understanding the business process outsourcing decision<>   Original Research Article
Pages 505-518
Martina Gerbl, Ronan McIvor, Sharon Loane, Paul Humphreys

Fostering absorptive capacity through leadership: A cross-cultural analysis<>   Original Research Article
Pages 519-534
Tessa Flatten, Daniel Adams, Malte Brettel

How the alliance pie is split: Value appropriation by each partner in cross-border technology transfer alliances<>   Original Research Article
Pages 535-547
Farok J. Contractor, James A. Woodley

Operational hedging in foreign direct investments under volatile and divergent exchange rates across countries<>   Original Research Article
Pages 548-557
Sangcheol Song, Seung-Hyun Lee, Mona Makhija

Understanding the drivers of international performance for born global firms: An integrated perspective<>   Original Research Article
Pages 558-575
Stephan Gerschewski, Elizabeth L. Rose, Valerie J. Lindsay

Dynamic capabilities and innovation in MNC subsidiaries<>   Original Research Article
Pages 576-583
Snejina Michailova, Wu Zhan

El Jefe: Differences in expected leadership behaviors across Latin American countries<>   Original Research Article
Pages 584-597
Nathalie Castano, Mary F. Sully de Luque, Tara Wernsing, Enrique Ogliastri, Rachel Gabel Shemueli, Rosa Maria Fuchs, Jose Antonio Robles-Flores

Entrepreneurial competence in managing partnerships and partnership knowledge exchange: Impact on performance differences in export expansion stages<>   Original Research Article
Pages 598-608
Saba Khalid, Khalid Bhatti

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