Special Issue of *Thunderbird International Business Review*

*Opportunities and Threats for Chinese Multinationals *


*Co-editors *

Xiaohua Yang, University of San Francisco

Ping Deng, *Cleveland State University*

Barry Doyle, University of San Francisco
Liang Wang, University of San Francisco

*Thunderbird International Business Review* is pleased to invite
submissions to a special issue which will address issues faced by Chinese
multinationals investing in the U.S. market. While the special issue has a
focus on Chinese multinationals in the U.S. market, we also invite
submissions on Chinese multinationals in other countries as compared to
United States (Child & Rodrigues, 2005).  Papers dealing with intersections
between theory and practice are especially encouraged (Alon, Yeheskel,
Lerner, & Zhang, 2013; Jansson & Söderman, 2012; Quer, Claver, & Rienda,

Chinese firms have quickly become instrumental players in the global
marketplace and are on a U.S. buying spree (Yang, Yang & Doyle, 2013).
Chinese FDI in January 2014 was $7.23 billion, up 47.2 percent from a year
earlier and expected to exceed for the first time the inbound FDI in 2014. In
2013, Chinese firms invested more than $14 billion in the United States,
and are continuing to search for new markets and new ventures. In the first
quarter of 2014, *Chinese* firms spent $1.36 billion on 26 *FDI* transactions
in the United States. This tremendous growth has been driven by large-scale
acquisitions in food, energy and real estate.

Although some Chinese firms have gained a solid foothold in the United
States (e.g., Lenovo and Haier), the U.S. market remains notoriously
difficult for outsiders to enter. Many European, Japanese and Latin
American firms have come to the United States with high hopes, only to
retreat or go through a painful readjustment of expectations.  Growing up
in a distinctly different institutional environment (Deng, 2013; Yang &
Stoltenberg, 2014), how have Chinese firms been managing the legal,
financial and economic risks in the United States (Tan & Wang, 2011)?  How
are Chinese firms addressing the opportunity and challenges faced in the
United States? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese
multinationals implementing a marketing and R&D strategy, and even
manufacturing across the United States?  We welcome papers addressing these
issues and related topics.

*Topics of Special Interest:*

·       Entrepreneurship, innovation & technology transfer by Chinese

·       Contributions to the U.S. economy

·       Challenges of Localization: Product safety, environmental and labor
issues, intellectual property, regulatory, and legal issues.

·       Image: Managing skepticism toward the globalization of China

·       Politics: Managing conflict and relationships with local and
national governmental entities

·       Motivations in Chinese enterprises in the United States

·       Adapting Chinese managerial practices to the U.S. market

·       Marketing Chinese brands in the United States

·       Impact of CSR philosophy and practice in China vs. United States

·       HR: Recruiting, developing, rewarding and retaining talent in
Chinese enterprises operating in the United States

·       M&A of Chinese firms in the United States: Challenges and

·       Chinese investment in real estate & hospitality industry; Chinese
tourism in the United States

The topics listed are meant to be illustrative; submissions on any topic
that relates to the theme of Chinese multinationals are encouraged.

Submissions should be prepared in accordance with *Thunderbird
International Business Review*'s style guide and submitted to by June 30, 2015. Be sure to indicate
that it is for the special issue, Opportunities and Threats for Chinese
Multinationals. The special issue is tentatively scheduled to be published
in 2016.

For additional information and questions, please email
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Best wishes!

Xiaohua Yang, Ph.D. 杨小华博士
Professor of International Business 国际工商管理终身教授
Director, China Business Studies Initiative 中国企业管理研究所所长
Department of Economics, Business Law and International Business
School of Management
University of San Francisco 旧金山大学商学院
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