*UC Berkeley Extension Custom Programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
are Now Available for Your Students.*

UC Berkeley Extension, one of the largest continuing education and
professional studies institutions in the world, is proud to introduce
custom programs focusing on Entrepreneurship and Innovation within the
unique ecosystem of the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and the greater Bay

The Custom Programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation provide meaningful,
memorable and life-changing learning experiences through a variety of
interactive academic and experiential learning activities for a wide range
of audiences from graduate and undergraduate students to business leaders,
entrepreneurs, and investors. The programs are particularly memorable for
international groups of students, faculty, executives, or investors.

Participants have an exceptional opportunity to learn what makes Silicon
Valley successful and its best practices, as well as how to start and
execute a new venture or new corporate initiative, how to innovate to
change the world, and more by meeting and interacting with renowned faculty
instructors who are industry leaders and expert scholars in the Bay Area.

Participants also receive broad Bay Area exposure as the program sessions
can be conducted at various locations in the Bay Area: UC Berkeley main
campus, the UC Berkeley Extension Golden Bear Center in downtown Berkeley,
the new San Francisco Downtown center and our Belmont location in the
Silicon Valley.

These custom programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation can be tailored to
meet the unique objectives and time availability of each visiting group.
For more information about the programs, please contact me at
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or submit your inquiry <> or visit our
website <>


Cathy Chang, Program Director

Custom Programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

UC Berkeley Extension: Continuing Education and Professional Studies

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