I am interested in collaborating with other AIB members who are thinking
about or are planning to attend the AIB-SE meeting in November on papers
and/or a panel focusing on the conference track, Global Supply Chains and
International Trade.  The description of the track is below:

This track seeks submissions focused on supply chains, international trade
and interrelationships amongst logistics, supply chain management and
global trade. Of interest are the papers that examine the impact of
institutional, political and regulatory factors on supply chain management
issues and the effects of institutional change on IB and supply chain
processes. We welcome submissions that offer important conceptual and
empirical insights into the nature and processes of SCM, channel
development and management, geographical collaborations, and global supply
(value) chains.

I am particularly interested in exploring the relationship between:  (1)  a
company's sustainability strategies and how it manages its supply chains;
(2) how institutional, political, and/or regulatory pressures with respect
to sustainability in home and host nations will affect global supply chain
management; (3) how a combination of institutional, political and
regulatory factors will influence global supply chain management; and (4)
proactive strategies firms may take in how they manage global supply chains
in response to the UN's sustainable development goals (which will be
determined in early fall).

The deadline for submissions is July 15, so the earlier we get started the

Thanks for your interest; looking forward to your ideas.


John Dilyard

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