*New Book*: *Singh, N & Bussen T (2015). *
*Compliance Management: A How-to Guide for Executives, Lawyers, and Other
Compliance Professionals,

This newly released book on Compliance Management is grounded in ethical
foundations and would serve as rich resource and book for any ethics and
compliance class. It offers comprehensive guidance on developing and
implementing an effective global compliance program. The book is especially
beneficial for ‘Business Law’, ‘Governance’ and ‘Compliance’ students as it
provides advice on complying with specific regulations.

Some unique highlights of this Corporate Compliance book include:

*First Book*: This is one of the first compliance books which comes with a
complete set of free resources. e-learning modules for all book chapters+
power points, quiz and discussion questions available at:
*Guide:* Offers a step-by-step guide to creating and managing an effective
compliance program.
*Showcase:* Provides the latest best practices in a world of ever-changing
*Culture Shaping*: Identifies the importance of developing and maintaining
a corporate culture of “doing the right thing”, and shows how ethical
training improves compliance.
*Real World Highlights*: Features interviews with, and best practices from,
top executives, judges, Department of Justice attorneys, and infamous FBI
informant Mark Whitacre
*Regulatory Compliance*: Provides easy to understand overviews and
recommendations for complying with specific laws, including labor,
international, environmental and more.
*Blog*: To complement the book, we have created a blog which provides
cutting edge commentaries on key ethics and compliance issues.

The book is authored by business educator and compliance expert Dr. Singh
and former litigator Thomas Bussen.Available on Amazon


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