*​Doctoral Student Consortium*

*Call for Applications*

*2015 Doctoral Consortium Workshop (November 12, 2015)*


*John McIntyre, Georgia Institute of Technology *


*William Newburry, Florida International University*

*Submission Deadline: September 30, 2015*

The Doctoral Consortium will focus on Ph.D. students in international
business, marketing, sustainability, supply chain management, logistics,
management, finance and accounting. The faculty panel of the 2015 Doctoral
Student Consortium will include a number of accomplished and upcoming
international business scholars who have an extensive publication record,
have served as editors or are members of the editorial boards of leading
academic journals, and have experience in supervising doctoral students.

The consortium will provide a unique opportunity for doctoral students to
further develop their research ideas, to learn about the challenges of
conducting international business research and building a successful
academic career in this field, and to broaden their professional networks.
The Doctoral Consortium is a workshop for Ph.D. students from all over the
world to further develop their research ideas, to learn about the
challenges of conducting business research and building a successful
academic career in their field, and to broaden their professional networks.

Consistent with the developmental mission of AIB-SE, the consortium is open
for first-year Ph.D. students as well as more advanced Ph.D. students who
are in the dissertation phase. Ideally, students should have a strong
research idea or be close to completing a thesis proposal, and be far
enough away from finishing the thesis that they can make good use of
feedback received during the consortium.

The consortium will be held on *Thursday, November 12, 2015.   *Participants
in the consortium will be transported by bus from the conference hotel  to
the Savannah State campus arriving at 9:30,  following a brief tour, the
consortium will begin at 10:00 until 12:30.  Participants will then join
the participants of the new faculty consortium and X-Culture program for
lunch provided by Savannah State.  Finally participants will be transported
by bus to the conference hotel by 2:30 pm so you can participate in the
afternoon special sessions and evening reception. Although each participant
will be required to register for the 2014 AIB-SE Annual Meeting, there are
no additional fees for participating in this consortium.

Please apply to the consortium through the AIB-SE 2014 Online Submission

*Application Content Requirements:*

1. Your curriculum vitae

2. A short BIO (not more than 100 words)

3. One-page summary of your dissertation proposal or your expected
dissertation topic.

Please combine all material into one pdf file.

*The Conference*

The AIB US Southeast Chapter is one of the largest and most active regional
divisions of the Academy of International Business’s 18 worldwide chapters.
AIB-SE’s annual conference centers on the presentation of the newest ideas
in international business to an international audience of academic scholars
and business practitioners. The conference is characterized by a strong
developmental focus, providing participants with a supportive and collegial
platform to discuss and develop ideas, and mentoring and helping authors
enhance their papers for publication.

Over the past three years, AIB-SE has experienced a significant
transformation and growth. AIB-SE has established itself as a valuable
brand in the International Business community and the conference has become
the preferred academic meeting of choice for over 350 participants from
nearly 40 countries. The Call for Papers for the 2015 conference can be
found here:

*About the Chairs*

*John McIntyre, Georgia Institute of Technology, *
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Dr.  John R. McIntyre, is founding  Director  of the Georgia Tech CIBER,
professor of management  (Strategy  Area)  in the College of Management
with a courtesy appointment in  international relations in the Georgia
Tech’s   Sam Nunn School of International Affairs. He received his graduate
education at Northeastern University, completing his Ph.D. at the
University of Georgia.  Prior to joining Georgia Tech in September 1981, he
was Research Associate for International Management at the Dean Rusk
Center  of the University of Georgia Law School.  He has published in
journals such as Technology and Society, Public Administration Quarterly,
International Management Review, Defence Analysis, Studies in Comparative
and International Development,  The Journal of European Marketing,
Politique Internationale,   International Executive,  International Trade
Journal, among others.

Author or coauthor of the following books:  *Uncertainty in
Business-Government Relations: The Dynamics of International Trade Policy,
The Political Economy of International Technology Transfer,  International
Space Policy: Legal, Economic, and Strategic Options for the Twentieth
Century and Beyond,  Japan’s Technical standards: Implications for Global
Competitiveness, Business and Management Education in China: Transition,
Pedagogy and Training, A Handbook: Business and Management Education in
Transitioning and Developing Country, Globalization of Chinese
Enterprises,  The Multinational  Enterprise and the Challenge of
Sustainable Development.   His professional memberships include: Sigma Xi,
The Academy of International Business,  The Academy of Management, Policy
Studies Organization, The American Society for Public  Administration*.  He
is the recipient of the State of Georgia Governor’s 2009 International
Award in international business education in 2009.

Dr. McIntyre is an expert on the primary aluminum industry. He is fluent in
French, Italian, and Spanish.

His service to AIB-SE includes being the host and co-chair for the 2013
AIB-SE conference and the Chair for the Doctoral Consortium in 2014.

*William Newburry, Florida International University*  [log in to unmask]

Professor Newburry is an Associate Professor and the SunTrust Bank
Professor at Florida International University. His current research
interests focus on how multinational corporations manage and relate to both
subsidiaries and employees. He has published 26 articles in top-tier,
peer-reviewed journals, including the *Journal of International Business
Studies (JIBS), Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies
(JMS), Business & Society*, and the *International Journal of Human
Resource Management*, among others. He currently serves on the editorial
boards of *JIBS, JMS* and the *Global Strategy Journal*, and has won
multiple best paper awards at academic conferences. He was recently listed
as one of the 31 most prolific authors in *JIBS*, the top journal in the
international business field, out of 740 authors who published in the
journal during the period 1996 to 20061. Additionally, he was among the top
34 most prolific authors out of 2495 authors who published in six top
international business journals combined for this same period.

Prof. Newburry is currently President/Chapter Chair of the Academy of
International Business Latin America Chapter (AIB-LAT). He previously
served as co-chair of the AIB-LAT Meetings held in Puebla, Mexico in April
2013 and Miami in April 2012. He was also recently co-chair of both the
Strategic Management Society (SMS) Special Conference held in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil in March 2011, as well as the SMS Extension Conference held
at FIU in November 2011. He previously held a 3-year elected position in
the Global Strategy Interest Group of the Strategic Management Society,
which progressed from Associate Program Chair (2006-2007) to Program Chair
(2007-2008) to Interest Group Chair (2008-2009). He is also an active
member of the Academy of International Business, the Academy of Management,
and the Reputation Institute.

Before joining FIU, Dr. Newburry was employed at Rutgers Business School in
the Department of Management and Global Business. He received his Ph.D. in
2000 from New York University’s Stern School of Business, with co-majors in
the fields of international business and management. Prior to pursuing an
academic career, he worked six years in the F-15 Contracts and Pricing
Department at McDonnell Douglas Corporation in St. Louis, where he
coordinated cost estimation, negotiation and document preparation of U.S.
and Saudi Arabian government contracts for F-15 aircraft production and
associated engineering changes. During this time, he also proposed and
administered F-15 parts contracts with Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan.

His service to AIB Southeast is as co-chair of the doctoral consortium in

Jeffrey A. Kappen, PhD
AIB-SE Membership Director
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