ESPMīs Brazilian Multinationals Observatory

Inside of Brazilian Multinationals: building businesses in emerging markets



We have launched a new course sponsored by ESPMīs Brazilian Multinationals Observatory that aims to bring a practical view on how to be successful in emerging markets.


ESPMīs Brazilian Multinationals Observatory is a research center which seeks to influence scientific, economic, political and management transformations through the generation and dissemination of knowledge about the internationalization of Brazilian firms.


Some of our products: Scanning of Brazilian Foreign Direct Investments, academic researches, benchmark of managerial practices, elaboration of corporate/sectorial diagnostic tools, market index as well development of business models to address the internationalization process of Brazilian firms.


E.g.: Innovation at Brazilian Multinationals: learning from foreign subsidiaries


The course It will happen this July, from 26 to 31, in São Paulo (Brazil), and it will rely on the participation of senior Professors specialized in areas such as institutional aspects of internationalization, international economy, consumption and lifestyle, luxury markets in emerging markets, among other contents. Please, find the course information bellow:


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Best regards,


Gabriel Vouga Chueke

ESPM’s Brazilian Multinationals Observatory


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