The Political Economy of Chinese Finance
J. Jay Choi, Temple University, USA
Michael R. Powers, Tsinghua University, China
Xiaotian Tina Zhang, Saint Mary's College of California, USA
This edited book is scheduled as volume 17 of International Financial Review
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various issues in international finance, including global dimensions of
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Despite the broad acceptance of the market paradigm in mainstream economics
and finance, there remains an ongoing debate pertaining to the proper role
of government in addressing market failures and imperfections. Conversely,
state-directed command economies such as China's have transitioned to a
market economy, but remain under significant central control and influence.
In China, the role of government is still pervasive, from state-owned or
partially privatized firms, to regulation of the financial sector, to
supervision through political and legal institutions. The emergence of China
as a global economic power provides added interest to the questions of how
state-based Chinese firms and markets operate and how they behave
differently from those of market-based industrial economies.
In this volume, we welcome original manuscripts on a variety of issues
relating to the political economy of Chinese finance, including (but not
limited to): 
o   The pattern of government ownership and control of Chinese firms
o   The role of government in corporate governance of industrial and
financial firms
o   The interaction of culture, law and institutions in Chinese governance
o   Corporate social responsibility, stakeholders and sustainable growth
o   The effect of political connections on corporate performance and society
o   Privatization, IPOs, exchange listing and firm valuation
o   The role of government in banking and financial markets
o   Practice of corporate risk management and insurance
o   Foreign-exchange policy and its effect on firms and markets
o   Foreign direct and portfolio investments in China
o   International investments and operations of Chinese firms
o   Chinese economic relations with the US and other countries
We invite the submission of original research papers in all modalities:
theoretical, empirical, institutional or policy-oriented. Interested authors
are encouraged to submit completed papers electronically (in Microsoft Word)
via email to all three co-editors as early as possible, but no later than
August 15, 2015:
J. Jay Choi, Temple University ([log in to unmask])
Michael R. Powers, Tsinghua University ([log in to unmask])
Xiotian Tina Zhang, Saint Mary's College of California ([log in to unmask])



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