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UNCTAD has just issued the Global Investment Trend Monitor. 

The key message: Investment by South TNCs reaches the highest level: 
Developing Asia now invests more abroad than any other region. 
In 2014, transnational corporations (TNCs) from developing economies alone 
invested almost half a trillion US dollar abroad, a 30% increase from the 
previous year. Their share in global foreign direct investment (FDI) 
reached a record of 36%, up from 12% in 2007, the year prior to the 
financial crisis. 
Developing Asia has become, for the first time, the world's largest 
investor region with US$440 billion invested, followed by North America 
(US$390 billion) and Europe (US$286 billion).   
In 2014, Hong Kong (China) and China were the second and the third largest 
investors in the world, after the United States. Among 20 largest 
investors, nine were from developing and transition economies.
Investments by developed country TNCs were largely flat at US$792 billion, 
with the modest rise in flows from North America and Europe more than 
offset by a 16% decline in Japanese investment abroad. 
More than half of investments from TNCs based in developing economies were 
in equity, while as much as four-fifths of FDI outflows from developed 
country TNCs were in the form of reinvested earnings ? the result of 
record amounts of cash reserves in their foreign affiliates. 
The value of cross-border merger and acquisitions (M&As) surged to US$399 
billion in 2014, 28% above 2013 levels. Megadeals dominated the scene in 
2014. TNCs from the South continued to acquire developed country foreign 
affiliates in developing world. 
Announced greenfield investment projects rose by only 7% reaching US744 
billion. The increase was driven mainly by investments from TNCs of the 
South. Greenfield investors from developed countries, however, account for 
a larger share (66%).     
UNCTAD estimates that TNC investment appetite will improve, encouraged by 
better economic prospects, especially in the United States, proactive 
monetary policy in the Eurozone and the large cash holdings of companies. 
However, TNCs remain guarded due to the fragility in some emerging 
markets, exchange rate volatility and increased geopolitical tensions.

For the latest issue of the Global Investment Trends Monitor and the 
UNCTAD Investment Policy Monitor, please click here. 

Final FDI data and an in-depth analysis of FDI trends will feature in the 
forthcoming World Investment Report 2015, to be published on 24 June 2015. 

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Tel: 41229175797 (World Investment Reports) 

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