Hi all-
I wanted to make sure that you caught that Nora Newcomb is giving the opening plenary at the Rendezvous.   Many of you know Nora's work as head of the Spatial Intelligence Learning Center.  That group is working on a theory of spatial learning drawing from work on topics of high interest to us including expert-novice studies of geoscience spatial learning, work on both spatial and temporal perception including work in geoscience, and work on diagrams.  Her talk will be broader reviewing a variety of techniques that may be useful in earth science education suggested by the science of learning, evaluate the degree to which they are currently supported by evidence, and place them in the context of DBER approaches.   

I'm very much looking forward to hearing what she has to say from her perspective as a psychologist.


ps  Rendezvous early bird registration is Monday.

Cathryn A. Manduca
Director, Science Education Resource Center
Executive Director, National Association of Geoscience Teachers

Carleton College
1 N College Street
Northfield MN  55057
507 222 7096

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