Dear Colleagues,

The 26^th Annual Conference of the *American Society for 
Competitiveness* will be held on October 22-24, 2015 in the Washington 
D.C. Area. The Conference is the world’s leading event on national and 
firm level competitiveness. The Conference has the tradition of inviting 
prominent policymakers and CEOs to be keynote speakers during luncheons 
or dinners.Your participation is essential for strengthening the Society 
and for enhancing global dialogue on competitiveness and competition in 
a changing world.

The Society’s strategic vision is to play a role in maintaining a 
business environment where business organizations thrive to the 
betterment of humankind.The Society’s specific role is to provide a 
forum for dialog and production of scholarly contributions which will 
enrich our civilization and our business community.*A successful dialog 
regarding these efforts requires your participation.*

The theme of the Conference is “Competitiveness: The Next Decade.” The 
subthemes include: Strategic Intent & Initiatives, Global Manufacturing 
and Competitiveness, Managing Intellectual Property, Sustainability, 
Geopolitics & Geostrategies, Healthcare, and Competing in Dynamic Global 

The Conference invites conceptual papers, empirical studies, case 
studies, proposals, and panel discussions pertaining to both traditional 
and contemporary themes related to competitiveness. The deadline for 
receiving submissions is: June 15, 2015.

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Best regards,

Abbas J Ali

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