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1st Issue 2015
*Management Revue - Socio-Economic Studies, Volume 26*

Open Issue

*Bice Della Piana, **Alessandra Vecchi & Enrica Vivacqua*
Innovation, institutions and cultures: Exploring the European context
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*Sabien Dobbelaere, **Roland Iwan Luttens & Bettina Peters*
Demand lotteries, abandonment options and the decision to start R&D and
process innovation
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*Mikael Ottosson & Calle Rosengren*
Who can you trust? The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees
(TCO) and trust-based working time 1950-1970
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*Book Reviews*
Miller, Vernon D. & Gordon, Michael E. (Eds.):
Meeting the Challenges of Human Resource Management: A Communication
(by Jennifer F. Wood)
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Rainhart Lang & Irma Rybnikova:
Aktuelle Führungstheorien und -konzepte
(by Ingo Winkler)
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*Forthcoming Issues*

Labour Time - Life Time
edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Simon Fietze, Gerd Grözinger, and Doris Holtmann

Innovation Management & Innovation Networks
edited by Susanne Gretzinger, Simon Fietze, and Wenzel Matiaske

Financial Participation
edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Andrew Pendleton, and Eric Poutsma

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