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1. To remove yourself from an MSU listserv on the server, email [log in to unmask] and include the following command line in the text of the message:
UNSUBSCRIBE listname (The name of the list is the portion preceding

2.  An alternative that works well for unsubscribing to several or all lists (graduating, etc.) is to log in to and use the "Subscriber's Corner" as follows:

Log in to http:/ <>. (Most list subscribers will not have used this interface - if this is your first time logging in to you must set a password.)
Click to select the "Subscriber's Corner".
Click the checkbox(es) to select the list(s) you want to unsubscribe from.
Click on the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page and select Unsubscribe.
Click the Submit button.
3. You can also sign in at <> to shift your subscription to a digest form (once a week delivery) or look at listserv archives for postings you missed. 
If the above methods work, then you might have to email me personally. But please do not mark AGROECO as spam, as that can block all email users from a particular server from receiving messages. 


Julie Cotton, M.S.

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Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems
Michigan State University
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