Dear AIB Colleagues,

I am currently planning to edit a book tentatively titled “Advances in Geoeconomics .” In my view, geoeconomics pertains to the influence of economic factors, relationships, and conditions on global events. For instance, a country’s decision to join a new regional trade alliance could have an impact on trade with existing import and export partners. This scenario would have ripple effects on politics, business, and the world order.

The book aims to assemble leading scholars and experts from around the world to advance current thinking on geoeconomics, particularly its implications on strategy and policy formulation in business and government.

Potential chapter topics include : Historical perspective of geoeconomics, Geoeconomics and the new world order, Geoeconomics and the law, Geoeconomics and business, Regional Economic Integration, International Economics, Impact of Geography on Economics, Geopolitics and impact on economies, Trade Alliances, Trade Wars,  Political Alignments and Trade, Country economic policies, FDI and geoeconomics, Geoeconomics and enterprise development, Geoeconomics and policy, Geoeconomics and strategy, Future of geoeconomics. Other ideas are welcome.

I am in discussion with a publisher. Before a commitment to publication is made, the publisher wants to see the potential list of contributors, their bio and chapter title.

Might you be interested in writing a chapter in this book project ? A chapter would likely be 10-20 pages, and completion time would be one year from contract signing.

If this interests you, please send me the following by April 30, 2015 : 1) chapter title, 2) 3-sentence bio, and 3) 3-sentence abstract of your chapter.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Dr. J. Mark Munoz

Professor, Management and International Business

Tabor School of Business

Millikin University

Tel (217) 420-6762 ; (217) 433-1425

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