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Journal of International Management 
<> 	Journal of 
International Management 
Volume 21, Issue 1 ,  Pages 1-82, March 2015 

Editorial Board 

/Pages IFC/

*  Articles*

R&D Investment in the Global Paper Products Industry: A Behavioral 
Theory of the Firm and National Culture Perspective 
Original Research Article
/Pages 1-17/
Krista B. Lewellyn, Shuji ‘Rosey’ Bao

The Simultaneous Influence of National Culture and Market Turbulence on 
Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Nine-country Study 
Original Research Article
/Pages 18-30/
Andreas Engelen, Susanne Schmidt, Michael Buchsteiner

The French Paradox: Implications for Variations in Global Convergence 
Original Research Article
/Pages 31-48/
Rachida Aïssaoui, Frances Fabian

Corporate Language Proficiency and Reverse Knowledge Transfer in 
Multinational Corporations: Interactive Effects of Communication Media 
Richness and Commitment to Headquarters 
Original Research Article
/Pages 49-62/
Vesa Peltokorpi

Expatriate Social Networks in Terrorism-Endangered Countries: An 
Empirical Analysis in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia 
Original Research Article
/Pages 63-77/
Benjamin Bader, Tassilo Schuster

*  Book Review*

, Global Themes and Local Variations in Organization and 
Management—Perspectives on GlocalizationGili S. Drori, Markus A. 
Höllerer, Peter Walgenbach(2014), Routledge, New York/London 
978-0-415-80768-5 xv + 432 pp., 78,95$ (paperback) 

/Pages 78-81/
Daniel Pastuh

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