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Volume 50, Issue 2 ,  Pages 251-388, April 2015<>

Title (Contents)<>
Pages i-ii

Editorial Board<>
Pages iv-vii

From the Editors: Publishing in the Journal of World Business<>
Pages 251-255
David Ahlstrom

  Special Section: Global governance and International Nonmarket Strategies
The Journal of World Business Special Issue: Global governance and international nonmarket strategies: Introduction to the special issue<>   Original Research Article
Pages 256-261
Jonathan Doh, Steven McGuire, Toshiya Ozaki

Is a global nonmarket strategy possible? Economic integration in a multipolar world order<>   Original Research Article
Pages 262-272
Stephen J. Kobrin

Political activity and firm performance within nonmarket research: A review and international comparative assessment<>   Original Research Article
Pages 273-283
Tazeeb Rajwani, Tahiru Azaaviele Liedong

International and domestic dynamics of intellectual property protection<>   Original Research Article
Pages 284-293
Srividya Jandhyala

Privatization, governance, and survival: MNE investments in private participation projects in emerging economies<>   Original Research Article
Pages 294-301
Yi Jiang, Mike W. Peng, Xiaohua Yang, Canan C. Mutlu

Strictly limited choice or agency? Institutional duality, legitimacy, and subsidiaries’ political strategies<>   Original Research Article
Pages 302-311
Phillip C. Nell, Jonas Puck, Stefan Heidenreich

On the effectiveness of private transnational governance regimes—Evaluating corporate sustainability reporting according to the Global Reporting Initiative<>   Original Research Article
Pages 312-325
Ralf Barkemeyer, Lutz Preuss, Lindsay Lee

Global sustainability pressures and strategic choice: The role of firms’ structures and non-market capabilities in selection and implementation of sustainability initiatives<>   Original Research Article
Pages 326-341
Serge Poisson-de Haro, Alex Bitektine

Legal system contingencies as determinants of political tie intensity by wholly owned foreign subsidiaries: Insights from the Philippines<>   Original Research Article
Pages 342-356
George O. White, Jean J. Boddewyn, Roberto Martin N. Galang

  Regular Articles
How do pro-market reforms impact firm profitability? The case of India under reform<>   Original Research Article
Pages 357-367
Murali D.R. Chari, Elitsa R. Banalieva

The meaning of language skills for career mobility in the new career landscape<>   Original Research Article
Pages 368-378
Sami Itani, Maria Järlström, Rebecca Piekkari

A European perspective on country moderation effects: Environmental management systems and sustainability-related human resource benefits<>   Original Research Article
Pages 379-388
Marcus Wagner

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