Nourish Organic Market & Deli exists to encourage the development of a community of people  -- farmers, food artisans, and everyone who cares about eating clean, responsible food -- who participate together in promoting the health and well-being of each individual, of our local economy, our local environment--soil, water and air, and of our future in this place.

Nourish Organic Market & Deli is a small, full-service grocery store selling only Organic and grass-fed food.  We have a strong focus on promoting and highlighting local Organic farmers and food artisans.  The small deli has a central position in the store and serves a central role in our mission of encouraging the cooking and eating of nutrient-dense,  delicious Organic food.   The deli currently produces a range of soups, salads, dips and spreads made from all Organic ingredients as well as serving as a production facility for some store products, as a small catering base. 

Purpose of position

To ensure an organized, smoothly-run and profitable Deli Department that supports the mission and vision of the store.


Full-time, hourly deli coordinator position. Reports to Store General Manager.

Basic requirements

Commitment to local and organic food

Ability to work well with others in close quarters.

Commitment to superior customer service.

Regular predictable attendance.

Ability to be on one's feet for 8 hours straight.

Ability to lift 50-80#.


Personal qualities

A desire and ability to actively engage with people around healthy food.

Exceptional communication and listening skills.

Ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

Desire to serve the needs of customers and fellow employees.

Desire to contribute energy, enthusiasm and hospitality to the workplace.

A sense of humor, especially about yourself.


Skills and experience

Previous high volume food production experience.

Working knowledge of retail deli sales operation.

Working knowledge of the real and whole foods movement.

Ability to prepare food from established recipes quickly and efficiently.

Ability to improvise and adapt food preparation according to available resources.

Ability to supervise, manage and motivate self and staff.

Ability to plan, develop and implement efficient and productive systems.

Ability to create and work within a specific budget framework.


Duties and Responsibilities

Customer Service

Create a warm, enthusiastic, food-centered atmosphere while maintaining an effective work flow.

Provide product information and educational materials to customers and staff.

Investigate and respond to customer requests.

Contribute recipes and food ideas for in-store sampling and for store newsletters when requested.


Department Operations

Ensure an organized, smoothly-run and profitable deli and kitchen.

Follow and enforce all store policies and procedures as they pertain to the deli.

Ensure that all food is efficiently and accurately produced following deli recipes, making adjustments as needed.

Develop and maintain accurate pricing patterns in collaboration with Store Manager.

Monitor sales flow to establish proper production levels, schedules and to limit loss.

Develop and implement systems to maintain accurate records of product cost, production and loss.

Ensure displays and shelves are appealingly arranged, stocked, rotated and fronted.

Establish discount patterns based on sales flow to limit loss.

Ensure proper recording of loss and dispose of loss in accordance with store policy.

Maintain inventory of department supplies to meet specific production demands.

Ensure equipment is maintained and properly serviced.

Work with Store Manager to develop and implement daily and weekly schedules.


Purchasing and Pricing

In coordination with Store Manager, negotiate with suppliers for favorable delivery schedules.

Evaluate suppliers as necessary and investigate new sources of supply.

Purchase products for department according to store product guidelines and values.

Ensure invoice accuracy on all deliveries.

Ensure invoices are processed according to established guidelines.

Coordinate prompt and timely return of credits for suppliers where applicable and ensure that staff knows how to do the same.

Ensure accurate price and date labeling of products.

Work with Store Manager to develop pricing structure.

Communicate changes in order times and deadlines to Store Manager.

Attend trade shows and trainings when requested.

Work with Store Manager to develop weekly, monthly and annual operating budget.


Sanitation and Safety

Possess a current ServSafe manager certification.

Ensure proper food handling, preparation and storage.

Ensure employee standards of safety.

Ensure that department displays, coolers, work and storage areas, and sales floor are maintained in a clean and orderly manner.

Ensure department meets all Department of Agriculture requirements.


Store Operations

Ensure safe, smooth and efficient store operations.

Assist with front-end operations as needed, during rush times.

Operate register when needed.

Perform all other duties as assigned by Store Manager.


General Professionalism

Exhibit an exceptional work ethic, including being punctual, minimizing absences and demonstrating enthusiasm and helpfulness.

Maintain consistently warm and positive attitude with all store staff, vendors and customers.

Model outstanding customer service.

Ensure daily communications of on-going operational issues.

Uphold and enforce all Nourish Organic Market & Deli policies.

Disseminate ideas, proposals and other information in a clear, effective and timely manner.

Take frequent opportunities to recognize good work.

Maintain positive relationships with outside professionals.

Maintain confidentiality.

Perform other tasks as needed.


To Apply:   Please come to the store at 634 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI. to pick up an application.  Return the application materials along with a current resume and a cover letter describing your fit with the position in person to the store.   Out of area applicants, please email a request for an application to:  info (at) 
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