From: William Rose <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Reminder: Geoheritage, Lake Superior and Great Lakes region at Madison GSA
Date: 18 January 2015 at 12:41:57 MST

Dear Colleagues:

We write to you in hopes of engaging you in an interesting and important dialogue on geoheritage of the Lake Superior region at the GSA regional meeting in Madison, WI, 19-20 May 2015. We wish to initiate an open communication between geoscientists, educators, museum staff, not-for profit organizations and any others engaged in educational geoheritage efforts in and around the Great Lakes. 
What work is going on? How do our efforts dovetail? How can we learn from each other about best practices? How can this work best serve teachers and students? How can we best build a supporting public?

This symposium idea stems from our aspirations for a Global Geopark in the Keweenaw and how we celebrate our significant geoheritage (links below). There is, of course, a strong geoheritage throughout our entire region and by developing a partnership with one another we can increase the regional awareness of just how significant our geosites are. We look forward to learning about your efforts and are excited to share what we have been doing in the Keweenaw! Please send an abstract about things you are doing related to geoheritage, place-based education and sense of place to our session. 

Keweenaw Geoheritage:
Global Geoparks:

GSA Theme Session: Geoheritage and Place-Based Education (T21)
Organizer: Erika Vye, Michigan Technological University, [log in to unmask]
Co-organizers: Emily Gochis, Michigan Technological University, [log in to unmask] and William Rose, Michigan Technological University, [log in to unmask]

Description: Geoheritage is a multifaceted concept that considers the protection, management and educational value of our planet’s geologic processes, features and sites. It contains both Earth science and social science and represents a kind of broader impact that is more widely appreciated now than before.  In particular geoheritage work is seen as making substantial contributions to regional development and to public education on earth science issues. We solicit abstracts on geoheritage and place-based education initiatives that help engage communities in an improved understanding of Earth Science issues at the local, regional and global level. 

Abstract Deadline 17 February 2015

I sent this message before the holidays—perhaps at a bad time with everyone thinking about more important things?  In the meantime other information about the Madison GSA regional has emerged.  Especially notice the information about the Mid Continent Rift Symposium (T25) being organized there also, by Seth and Carol Stein.  Hope you can participate in both sessions!!  

Pass this message along to anyone you know who might be interested!

Bill Rose, Erika Vye and Emily Gochis
Michigan Tech University, Geological Engineering & Sciences
906 487 2367