AIB members might find something of interest in my new book, "Greening of Capitalism: How Asia is Leading the Next Great Transformation", published by Stanford University Press. The book is relevant to IB scholars in that it tackles the issue of the greening of economies from the perspective of the emerging industrial giants, notably China but also India, Brazil and other emerging industrial powers.


The book’s premise is that as China, India, and other late industrializers grow, they are confronted with an inconvenient truth: They cannot rely on the conventions of capitalism as we know them today. Western industrialism has achieved miracles, promoting unprecedented levels of prosperity and raising hundreds of millions out of poverty. Yet, if allowed to proceed unencumbered, this paradigm will do irreversible harm to the planet.

The book argues that of necessity, a new approach to environmentally conscious development (“green growth”) is already emerging in the East, with China leading the way. Taking issue with zero-growth advocates and free-market environmentalists, I argue that while China is building a well-known “black” industrial system, it is at the same time creating a complementary “green” system that promises to become more relevant and important. Greening of Capitalism charts this transformation and sketches out a framework for evaluating what a more sustainable capitalism might look like.

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My new book "Greening of Capitalism: How Asia is Driving the Next Great Transformation" is now published by Stanford University Press:

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