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Kevin Stephenson
Administrative Manager
Department of International Business
George Washington University


*Now accepting applications to the Ph.D. program in International
Business at the George Washington University School of Business*


The Ph.D. program in the International Business Department seeks to:
         Equip students with an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of
international business concepts
         Provide students with necessary conceptual, quantitative, and
methodological skills to carry out high quality empirical research aimed at
publication in top-tier academic journals.
         Produce well-trained students who will be able to obtain an
academic appointment at a top school in one of these disciplines.
         Prepare candidates for the varied responsibilities of academic

These objectives are accomplished in several ways including through formal
course work, independent study and reading, formal assignments as research
assistants, student- or faculty-initiated research projects, dissertation
research, and co-authoring papers with one or more faculty members and
other Ph.D. students.


The PhD Program consists of 16 Graduate Level Courses. Up to 2 elective
courses can be waived by related graduate level coursework from another
institution. In keeping with the multi-disciplinary nature of the field, we
offer two tracks: *Global Strategy *and *Global Political Economy*. PhD
seminars offered by IB Department faculty include courses on Institutions
and Development, Global Strategy, Knowledge and Innovation, International
Finance, and International Political Economy.  Students pick a track and
coursework that corresponds with their research interests.  Students will
develop skills and capabilities to perform cutting-edge research in their
chosen track.  Programs mixing elements of the tracks are possible,
depending on student interests.

Program highlights include a four year fellowship with a fifth year
conditional on performance, close collaboration with an accomplished
faculty, and ability to leverage resources across business schools,
think-tanks, The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and other
research organizations in Washington D.C., one of the most vibrant
intellectual centers of politics and economics in the United States.

The International Business program at GWU is ranked as one of the top 20
programs in International Business by US News and World Report. GWU is also
a designated *Center for International Business Education and Research
(CIBER)* funded by the U.S. Department of Education that provides students
with resources for research and teaching in the area of Institutions, the
State, and Development in International Business.


The research and expertise of the faculty of the International Business
Department spans a broad theoretical base, including economics, political
science, finance, management and banking.  The multi-disciplinary
perspectives are facilitated by the eclectic expertise of our program
         We have a large group of faculty who publish in top journals and
university presses.
         Our faculty co-author articles with their PhD students.
         Many of our faculty members have been asked to serve on the
Editorial Review Boards of several top journals, including the *Journal of
International Business*, *Organization Science*, the *Global Strategy
Journal*, and the *Strategic Management Journal*.
         Our faculty have a strong record of receiving external grants to
support their research.
         The IB Department has held regular, well attended research
seminars by external speakers over the past several years.
         Many of our faculty have been finalists for the Best Dissertation
Awards in their field
         Our faculty have served on the Executive Committees of the
organizing committees of major conferences in our field as well as being
track chairs for several conferences (including the Academy of Management
Annual Meeting and the Academy of International Business Annual Meeting).


The objective of the Ph.D. program is to prepare students for academic
careers at major research universities. Accordingly, the following criteria
are considered when evaluating candidates for admission:

         Performance in previous degree programs
         Letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's potential
for success in a competitive graduate program/test scores
         Consistence between the candidate's research interests and that
of the faculty
         Congruence between the applicant's professional and educational
goals and the requirements and objectives of the PhD program.

We would love to hear from you.  The deadline for applications is January
15, 2015.            Detailed information about the application process and
online applications are on our website.

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