Please join us for this great lineup of speakers.

GLEXPO Organic program tomorrow (Thur Dec 11)  

Introduction to Organic Production

Thursday morning 9:00 am Room A & B (Upper level)

CCA Credits: SW(0.5)
Moderator: Vicki Morrone, Outreach Specialist for Organic Fruit and Vegetable Growers, MSU

9:00 am Building A Healthy Soil 
  • Lisa Tiemann, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences Dept., MSU

9:45 am Revealing What A NOP Farm Inspection is All About 
  • Tom Schoenfeldt, USDA NOP Inspector, Redford, MI -- Tom will share how he inspects a farm to verify it for NOP certification. He will share some common situations and how they are handled and answer your questions too.

10:30 am Farmers Panel - Making It Work for the Farm and Markets: Topics to be covered:
  1. Intro to farm
  2. Any specific pest challenges and how crop planning is impacted
  3. The crop production and rotation plan
  4. Current Markets
  • Karen Warner, Big Head Farm, Benton Harbor, MI -- Organic vegetable and fruit with multiple markets including CSA, restaurants, and Frmers Markets
  • Julia Studier, Tower Hill Farm, Sodus, MI -- MAEAP and NOP certified since 2009. Mostly apple production and some vegetables.
  • Linda Torony, Nature's Harvest Organic Farm -- An urban permaculture farm using biodynamic, hugelkultur, contour cropping, and incorporating an edible water garden. Will be growing annual vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. The neighborhood is excited and is looking forward to see what happens this spring. She will share how she got started from literally scratch and what she plans to do with the food and farm, serving the urban community.

11:30 am

Session Ends

Biological Control of Insects in Grand Gallery C Main Floor

morning 9:00 am

This workshop will provide information on what biological control agents of insect pests look like, what they feed on, and how they can be managed on farm to increase their efficacy. You will get to see and handle pinned specimens, so you can learn to identify them.

MI Recertification credits: 3 (COMM CORE, PRIV CORE)
OH Recertification credits: 2 (presentations as marked)
CCA Credits: PM(3.0)
Moderator: Ben Phillips, Vegetable Educator, MSU Extension, Saginaw, MI

9:00 am Introduction to Biological Control (OH: CORE, 0.5 hr) 
  • Ben Phillips, Vegetable Educator, MSU Extension, Saginaw, MI

9:30 am Predator, Parasitoid, and Prey Relationships (OH: CORE, 0.5 hr) 
  • Adam Ingrao, Entomology Dept., MSU

10:00 am Rearing Nematodes for Agriculture 
  • Joe Tourtois, Entomology Dept., MSU

10:30 am Habitat Management for Beneficial Insects 
  • Nicole Quinn, Entomology Dept., MSU

11:00 am Natural Enemies Identification (OH: 2B, 1.0 hr) 
  • Ben Phillips, Vegetable Educator, MSU Extension, Saginaw, MI

Organic Opportunities and Markets

Thursday morning 9:00 am Upper level room H

CCA Credits: CM(2.0)
Moderator: John Biernbaum, Horticulture Dept., MSU

9:00 am Innovative Tools and Practices on Organic Vegetable and Berry Farms in Vermont 
  • Vernon Grubinger, Vegetable and Berry Specialist, Univ. of Vermont

10:00 am Cultivating Farm Resiliency and Our Transition to Organic 
  • David Coveyou, Coveyou Scenic Farm, Petoskey, MI
  • Laura Judge, Produce Field Manager, Coveyou Scenic Farm, Petosky, MI

11:00 am

Session Ends

Organic Vegetables Room D Upper Level

Thursday afternoon 1:00 pm

MI Recertification credits: 2 (1B, COMM CORE, PRIV CORE)
CCA Credits: NM(1.5) PM(0.5)
Moderator: Vicki Morrone, Outreach Specialist for Organic Fruit and Vegetable Growers, MSU

1:00 pm Organic Management of Cucurbit Diseases 
  • Anthony Keinath, Clemson University Coastal Research & Education Center, Charleston, SC

1:45 pm Nitrogen Release and Disease Suppressive Activity of Four Compost Amendments on Three Vegetable Farms 
  • Lori Hoagland, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Dept., Purdue Univ.

2:30 pm Cover Crop Combinations Useful in Organic Vegetable Systems 
  • Greg Downing, Southern Agronomist, Cisco Seeds, Indianapolis, IN

3:15 pm Question and Answer: This is a chance to ask questions that can be answered by more than one of the speakers and get their perspectives. Its also a chance for the experience in the room to be shared. Farmers and practitioners can share their knowledge and experiences to answer questions.

3:45 pm

Session Ends

Current Issues in Organic Fruit Production Room C Upper Level

Thursday afternoon 1:00 pm

MI Recertification credits: 2 (1C, COMM CORE, PRIV CORE)
CCA Credits: PM(2.0)
Moderator: Matt Grieshop, Entomology Dept., MSU

1:00 pm Progress Towards the Organic Management of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug 
  • Anne Nielsen, Entomology Dept., Rutgers Univ.

1:50 pm Pollinator Conservation Tactics for Organic Fruit Production 
  • Emily May, Entomology Dept., MSU

2:10 pm Developing Antibiotic Alternatives for Fire Blight in the North Eastern United States 
  • George Sundin, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences Dept., MSU
  • Matt Grieshop, Entomology Dept., MSU

3:00 pm

Session Ends

FREE MOFFA reception!!  Then from 3-5 p.m. please join us for a free reception sponsored by MOFFA. Come and meet new and old friends and hear what MOFFA is doing this winter. In Grand Gallery Overlook H (upper level).

Vicki Morrone
Organic farming specialist
Center For Regional Food Systems at MSU
480 Wilson Rd Rm 303
East Lansing, MI 48824
517-353-3542/517-282-3557 (cell)

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