Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Please kindly consider to start the use of classification tags in your subject line for AIB-L list serve messages. I would appreciate if our moderator (Dr. Tunga Kiyak?) also promotes such good practices.

As AIB grows, so do its announcements and communications. By adding a [tag] to the subject area, this greatly simplifies the e-mail by quickly identifying what the message is about. This is the same function as the popularly used #hashtag at the end of “tweets” on Twitter, but I’m pretty sure that [tags] at the beginning of subject lines came first on electronic forums.


Here are some examples to help you get started. Please kindly insert these as the very first texts in your subject line when sending to [log in to unmask]. The brackets help the eye immediately identify the subject area.

-          [Call for Papers] – a call for papers for submission to a journal or conference.

-          [Call for Scholars] – a call for editors, reviewers, etc. of a journal or conference.

-          [Conference] – the announcement of a conference.

-          [Publication] – the announcement of a book, journal, periodical, etc.

-          [Faculty] – the announcement of a faculty position opening.

-          [Research] – the inquiry or discussion of some topic.

-          [Help] – a call for help regarding some issue.

-          [LISTERVE] – discussions involving the use of AIB-L.


Example 1:  “[Call for Papers] The Journal of Underwater Basket Weaving”
Example 2:  “[Publication] A Coffee Table Book on Coffee Tables”

Example 3:  “[LISTSERVE] Please Tag Your Posts”


In addition to the improved identification of desired posts, this can also be used as a data collection scheme for further research that, shameless to say, some such as myself would be interested in analyzing.


Thank you for your time and Happy New Year (Gregorian).



Alan Pan

Lecturer of Accounting

Prince Sultan University

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