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The November 2014 issue of MOR (Volume 10, Issue 3) is now available for *free download* (links provided below). This issue features a special forum on John Child’s contributions to Chinese management research.  The forum includes an article by John Child and co-author Svetla Marinova, followed by commentaries from Joseph L. C. Cheng, (Forum guest editor),  Klaus E. Meyer, Johann Peter Murmann, Kwok Leung, and Gordon Redding. The issue also includes two regular articles on the topics of learning in Chinese FDIs and the effects of co-opetition. We hope you enjoy reading this issue’s interesting and important articles, and will share the links with your colleagues doing research in similar areas!

We also want to remind you that MOR 10.2 (July 2014), a special issue on Business Leadership in the Chinese Context, is also open for free access online.


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Management and Organization Review

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Management and Organization Review

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Editors’ Forum: John Child and Chinese Management Research

Forum Introduction

Country Context in Management Research: Learning from John Child
Joseph L. C. Cheng

Forum Article

The Role of Contextual Combinations in the Globalization of Chinese Firms
John Child and Svetla Marinova

Forum Commentaries

What the Fox Says, How the Fox Works: Deep Contextualization as a Source of New Research Agendas and Theoretical Insights
Klaus E. Meyer


Reflections on Choosing the Appropriate Level of Abstraction in Social Science Research
Johann Peter Murmann

Globalization of Chinese Firms: What Happens to Culture?
Kwok Leung

The Unexamined Differences in Dreams: Chinese Firms' Globalization and Interface Challenges
Gordon Redding


Reflections on the Commentaries
John Child and Svetla Marinova

Regular Articles

Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment Performance: The Role of Learning
Marjorie Lyles, Dan Li and Haifeng Yan


Typology and Effects of Co-opetition in Buyer–Supplier Relationships: Evidence from the Chinese Home Appliance Industry
Yi Liu, Yadong Luo, Pianpian Yang and Vladislav Maksimov


Fishing (page viii)

Garden of Sunlight (page 372)

Old and New (page 390)

Ascension (page 398)

The Suzhou Riverwalk (page 410)

Mountains (page 438)




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