The *William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan*
<> is pleased to announce the launch of *"A Roadmap
for the Base of the Pyramid Domain: Re-Energizing for the Next Decade
<>*, a document
authored by *Ted
London <>, Stuart
<>,* and
Sateen Sheth and co-created with leaders in the Base of the Pyramid (BoP)

The document helps chart the way forward for inclusive business ventures
that serve low income communities in developing countries. The report was
unveiled at an October 23rd event in Washington DC, attended by members of
the BoP and development communities.

*Why re-energize?*

In the past decade,there has been tremendous growth in the number of BoP
enterprises launched, as well as investor interest and support. However,
there is a need for greater efforts to determine what works, what doesn't,
and what's needed to increase positive impact in the BoP domain.

*What is the Roadmap?*

The Roadmap outlines a shared vision for the future of the BoP domain. It
includes a set of *actionable initiatives* that serve as platforms to share
knowledge, learn, and support BoP enterprises more effectively.

*How was it developed?*

WDI hosted the *"BoP Summit 2013: Creating an Action Agenda for the Next
Decade" <>* which
brought together 200 leaders from 24 countries, representing stakeholders
in all market sectors. In-depth discussions before, during, and after the
Summit resulted in actionable recommendations for the BoP domain over the
next decade.

*What's next?*

Implementing the Roadmap initiatives requires support and commitment. The
BoP Roadmap lays out the path ahead of us, but success requires a
willingness to continue to invest in learning, as well as doing.

*How can my organization get involved?*

Contact *Colm Fay* <> (
*[log in to unmask]* <[log in to unmask]>) at WDI. We would be delighted to
discuss how we can work together on the BoP Roadmap initiatives.

*Important Links:*

*BoP Roadmap Document <>*

*Latest News <>*

*FAQs <>*

*Partners <>*


** <>

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