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Call For Papers of Special Issue on
The Globalization and Economic Structure Changes
Journal of World Economic Research
Globalization has affected all countries, both positively and negatively. One of these effects is the change in economic structure in virtually all countries. For example, many US firms have outsourced their manufacturing to overseas subcontractors over the past few decades, but recently there has been a call to bring some manufacturing back to the US to help prop up employment and domestic production. China has been a major hub for outsourced manufacturing but now faces the prospect of losing manufacturing contracts to those firms bringing manufacturing back to their respective countries or shifting to other developing countries.
Globalization also impacts other areas of commerce including international trade of goods and services, international investments, employment and salary of workers, business regulations, and developments in the private sector.
This special issue on Globalization and Economics Structure Changes focuses on theoretical and empirical/practical studies of these subjects to better understand what has happened and will be happening in the future with respect to globalization, and to provide valuable insights and suggestions for countries and businesses to better deal with the relevant issues and problems.
All papers on relevant subjects are welcome, particularly ones that focus on the globalization and its economic effects and future prospects for developed and developing countries.
Aims and scope:
Globalization and manufacturing industry;
Globalization and service industry;
Globalization and employment;
Globalization and workers' salary;
Globalization and international investments;
Globalization and international trade;
Globalization and business regulations;
Globalization and private business developments;
Globalization and E-Commerce

Paper submission deadline: May, 30, 2015
Expected date of publication: July 30, 2015.
Lead guest editor: Yueyun (Bill) Chen, Professor; Department of Business Administration;
University of the West, Los Angeles, USA.
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