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Journal of World Business Journal of World Business
Volume 50, Issue 1 ,  Pages 1-250, January 2015

Title (Contents)   
Pages i-ii

Editorial Board   
Pages iv-vii

Celebrating the past, looking to the future   
Pages 1-2
Jonathan P. Doh
Leadership emergence in multicultural teams: The power of global characteristics   Original Research Article
Pages 3-14
Alon Lisak, Miriam Erez
The decline of global market leaders   Original Research Article
Pages 15-25
Xiaowen Tian, John W. Slocum
Establishing rigor in mail-survey procedures in international business research   Original Research Article
Pages 26-35
Agnieszka Chidlow, Pervez N. Ghauri, Sengun Yeniyurt, S. Tamer Cavusgil
Exchange rate challenges, flexible intra-firm adjustments, and subsidiary longevity   Original Research Article
Pages 36-45
Sangcheol Song
Corporate language-based communication avoidance in MNCs: A multi-sited ethnography approach   Original Research Article
Pages 46-55
Jakob Lauring, Anders Klitmøller
The role of highly skilled migrants in the process of inter-firm knowledge transfer across borders   Original Research Article
Pages 56-68
Xiaohui Liu, Lan Gao, Jiangyong Lu, Yingqi Wei
Expatriate success and thriving: The influence of job deprivation and emotional stability   Original Research Article
Pages 69-78
Hong Ren, Dilek G. Yunlu, Margaret Shaffer, Katherine M. Fodchuk
Offshoring satisfaction: The role of partnership credibility and cultural complementarity   Original Research Article
Pages 79-93
Jack Clampit, Ben Kedia, Frances Fabian, Nolan Gaffney
MNEs and FSAs: Network knowledge, strategic orientation and performance   Original Research Article
Pages 94-107
Joanna Scott-Kennel, Axele Giroud
Characteristics and determinants of insourced and offshored projects: A comparative analysis   Original Research Article
Pages 108-121
Kallol Bagchi, Peeter Kirs, Godwin Udo, Robert Cerveny
The effect of the magnitude and direction of institutional distance on the choice of international entry modes   Original Research Article
Pages 122-132
Virginia Hernández, María Jesús Nieto
The bi-cultural option for global talent management: The Japanese/Brazilian Nikkeijin example   Original Research Article
Pages 133-143
Masayuki Furusawa, Chris Brewster
Returns to US firms from strategic alliances in China: A knowledge-based view   Original Research Article
Pages 144-148
Wesley A. Pollitte, Joseph C. Miller, Attila Yaprak
Integration and responsiveness in subsidiaries in emerging economies   Original Research Article
Pages 149-158
Klaus E. Meyer, Yu-Shan Su
Are we paid to be creative? The effect of compensation gap on creativity in an expatriate context   Original Research Article
Pages 159-167
Alice H.Y. Hon, Lin Lu
Employee commitment to corporate globalization: The role of English language proficiency and human resource practices   Original Research Article
Pages 168-179
Sachiko Yamao, Tomoki Sekiguchi
An integrated multi-stage model of knowledge management in international joint ventures: Identifying a trigger for knowledge exploration and knowledge harvest   Original Research Article
Pages 180-191
Yong Suhk Pak, Wonchan Ra, Jong Min Lee
Determinants influencing CSR practices in small and medium sized MNE subsidiaries: A stakeholder perspective   Original Research Article
Pages 192-204
Byung Il Park, Pervez N. Ghauri
Institutional influences on board composition of international joint venture firms listing on emerging stock exchanges: Evidence from Africa   Original Research Article
Pages 205-219
Bruce Hearn
Outcomes of learning through JVs for local parent firms in transition economies: Evidence from Russia   Original Research Article
Pages 220-233
Irina Mihailova
Institutional open access at home and outward internationalization   Original Research Article
Pages 234-246
Sunny Li Sun, Mike W. Peng, Ruby P. Lee, Weiqiang Tan
Call for Papers: Special Issue on Business Groups   
Pages 247-248

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Latin America   
Pages 249-250

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