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Volume 50, Issue 1 ,  Pages 1-250, January 2015<>

Title (Contents)<>
Pages i-ii

Editorial Board<>
Pages iv-vii

Celebrating the past, looking to the future<>
Pages 1-2
Jonathan P. Doh

Leadership emergence in multicultural teams: The power of global characteristics<>   Original Research Article
Pages 3-14
Alon Lisak, Miriam Erez

The decline of global market leaders<>   Original Research Article
Pages 15-25
Xiaowen Tian, John W. Slocum

Establishing rigor in mail-survey procedures in international business research<>   Original Research Article
Pages 26-35
Agnieszka Chidlow, Pervez N. Ghauri, Sengun Yeniyurt, S. Tamer Cavusgil

Exchange rate challenges, flexible intra-firm adjustments, and subsidiary longevity<>   Original Research Article
Pages 36-45
Sangcheol Song

Corporate language-based communication avoidance in MNCs: A multi-sited ethnography approach<>   Original Research Article
Pages 46-55
Jakob Lauring, Anders Klitmøller

The role of highly skilled migrants in the process of inter-firm knowledge transfer across borders<>   Original Research Article
Pages 56-68
Xiaohui Liu, Lan Gao, Jiangyong Lu, Yingqi Wei

Expatriate success and thriving: The influence of job deprivation and emotional stability<>   Original Research Article
Pages 69-78
Hong Ren, Dilek G. Yunlu, Margaret Shaffer, Katherine M. Fodchuk

Offshoring satisfaction: The role of partnership credibility and cultural complementarity<>   Original Research Article
Pages 79-93
Jack Clampit, Ben Kedia, Frances Fabian, Nolan Gaffney

MNEs and FSAs: Network knowledge, strategic orientation and performance<>   Original Research Article
Pages 94-107
Joanna Scott-Kennel, Axele Giroud

Characteristics and determinants of insourced and offshored projects: A comparative analysis<>   Original Research Article
Pages 108-121
Kallol Bagchi, Peeter Kirs, Godwin Udo, Robert Cerveny

The effect of the magnitude and direction of institutional distance on the choice of international entry modes<>   Original Research Article
Pages 122-132
Virginia Hernández, María Jesús Nieto

The bi-cultural option for global talent management: The Japanese/Brazilian Nikkeijin example<>   Original Research Article
Pages 133-143
Masayuki Furusawa, Chris Brewster

Returns to US firms from strategic alliances in China: A knowledge-based view<>   Original Research Article
Pages 144-148
Wesley A. Pollitte, Joseph C. Miller, Attila Yaprak

Integration and responsiveness in subsidiaries in emerging economies<>   Original Research Article
Pages 149-158
Klaus E. Meyer, Yu-Shan Su

Are we paid to be creative? The effect of compensation gap on creativity in an expatriate context<>   Original Research Article
Pages 159-167
Alice H.Y. Hon, Lin Lu

Employee commitment to corporate globalization: The role of English language proficiency and human resource practices<>   Original Research Article
Pages 168-179
Sachiko Yamao, Tomoki Sekiguchi

An integrated multi-stage model of knowledge management in international joint ventures: Identifying a trigger for knowledge exploration and knowledge harvest<>   Original Research Article
Pages 180-191
Yong Suhk Pak, Wonchan Ra, Jong Min Lee

Determinants influencing CSR practices in small and medium sized MNE subsidiaries: A stakeholder perspective<>   Original Research Article
Pages 192-204
Byung Il Park, Pervez N. Ghauri

Institutional influences on board composition of international joint venture firms listing on emerging stock exchanges: Evidence from Africa<>   Original Research Article
Pages 205-219
Bruce Hearn

Outcomes of learning through JVs for local parent firms in transition economies: Evidence from Russia<>   Original Research Article
Pages 220-233
Irina Mihailova

Institutional open access at home and outward internationalization<>   Original Research Article
Pages 234-246
Sunny Li Sun, Mike W. Peng, Ruby P. Lee, Weiqiang Tan

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Business Groups<>
Pages 247-248

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Latin America<>
Pages 249-250

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