2nd AIB-CEE Chapter Seminar

Recognising the changing character of the CEE region:

towards an updated agenda of business, IB research and teaching

January, 9-10th, 2015 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Centre of International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences; University of Ljubljana


The 2nd AIB-CEE Chapter Seminar aims to encourage a shared perspective of key challenges in international business research and teaching related to the CEE region, to sum up latest research in the region and about the region in IB, strengthen network and cooperation among IB scholars, researchers and practitioners in CEE.

The seminar on will focus in three topics:

·         Mapping and discussing the changes of the CEE region through research

·         Identifying  changes in business: sharing  view of companies from the region

·         Challenges of IB teaching and research in CEE

International business practitioners’ experience

»Live« case studies and experience of regional managers.

Recent trends and developments in business analytics.

Recent trends in international entrepreneurship and corporate growth.

The region in the eyes of local managers.

The region from outside : the China perspective of CEE.

The role of regional headquarters and mobility of regional  managers


IB research

Summing up recent research activity in the region, comparing recent research results on:

Recent trends in internationalization.

Trends in innovation activity.

The role of social innovation in social entrepreneurship.

Exploring the competitiveness of CEE and integration of CEE economies into global value chains.

Discussing the gap between the core and periphery of EU 10 years after the largest eastern enlargement of European Union.

IB teaching

Challenges of IB teaching in CEE:

The growth of IB teaching in CEE.

Executive education in CEE

The challenge of teaching  strategy in CEE IB.

The relevance and value of local case studies.

Cooperation  among CEE IB researchers and professors.

Cooperation  between Universities and business.

Data sources and business analytics for CEE.



Information, program  and registration:



Programme and organization Chair: Andreja Jaklič, PhD

Contact: [log in to unmask] .


Andreja Jaklič, PhD

Associate  Professor

CIR Operating Manager 

T: +38615805196 F: +38615805109 [log in to unmask],

International Relations Department


Centre of International Relations

Faculty of Social Sciences

/ University of Ljubljana

Kardeljeva ploščad 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia



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