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Journal of International Management 
<> 	Journal of 
International Management 
Volume 20, Issue 4 ,  Pages 379-486, December 2014 

Editorial Board 

/Pages IFC/

*  Articles*

Host-country Headquarters of U.S. Firms in China: An Empirical Study 
Original Research Article
/Pages 379-389/
Yigang Pan, Lefa Teng, Mingyang Yu, Xiongwen Lu, Dan Huang

Innovation in Emerging Markets: The Role of Management Consulting Firms 
Original Research Article
/Pages 390-405/
Yujin Back, K. Praveen Parboteeah, Dae-il Nam

Does Syndication With Local Venture Capitalists Moderate the Effects of 
Geographical and Institutional Distance? 
Original Research Article
/Pages 406-420/
Tereza Tykvová, Andrea Schertler

Temporal and Spatial Constructs in Service Firms' Internationalization 
Patterns: The Determinants of the Accelerated Growth of Emerging MNEs 
Original Research Article
/Pages 421-435/
Giovanni Satta, Francesco Parola, Luca Persico

A Weighted, Mahalanobian, and Asymmetrical Approach to Calculating 
National Cultural Distance 
Original Research Article
/Pages 436-463/
Hamid Yeganeh

Open-Innovation Effectiveness: When does the Macro Design of Alliance 
Portfolios Matter? 
Original Research Article
/Pages 464-477/
Shalini Rogbeer, Rangga Almahendra, Björn Ambos

*  Book Review*

Jens Gammelgaard, Christoph Dörrenbächer, The Global Brewery Industry. 
Markets, Strategies, and Rivalries(2013), Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK 
and Northampton, MA, USA 978-1-78100-634-4 (xii + 337 pp. (hardcover), 
£81.00, $137.50 (Series New Horizons in International Business, Series 
Editor: Peter J. Buckley)) 

/Pages 478-480/
Stefan Schmid


/Pages 481-482/


/Pages 483-485/

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