Just saw this one - last minute deadline, but an interesting position.

Julie Cotton, M.S.

Academic Specialist
Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems
Michigan State University
A264 Plant and Soil Science Building
East Lansing, MI 48824

517-355-0271 ext. 1156

undergrads: www.safss.msu.edu


The Union of Concerned Scientists Food & Environment Program is seeking a postdoc/fellow to 
conduct research on agroecological solutions for mitigating drought risk and costs in managed 
watersheds.  The position will begin in October 2015 with a term of up to 2 years. The deadline to 
apply is 18 November 2014.
Project Description
Agroecological solutions for drought risk and costs: The Fellow will conduct original research to 
quantify the potential impacts of future drought scenarios in major U.S. agricultural watersheds and 
identify the extent to which a shift to ecologically-based practices could mitigate those effects. 
Through this lens, the Fellow will examine the sustainability of farmlands and rangelands, food 
production, and farm profits.  This research will be part of a broader effort to understand the 
climate, environmental, and economic impacts of agroecological systems and the Fellow will 
collaborate closely with a multidisciplinary team to develop a strong project, craft policy 
recommendations, and communicate findings to media, policymakers, experts, and the public.
Applicants should have numerical modeling experience and expertise in hydrologic, agricultural 
and/or environmental sciences. For more information please see: 
Please circulate widely!