Proposal Submission Deadline:  November 14, 2014

Full Chapters Due:  April 27, 2015


Book Title: University Partnerships in Higher Education


An edited volume by Dr. Patrick Blessinger (International HETL Association) and Dr. Barbara Cozza (St. John’s University, USA)


Volume five of the book series, Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning, Patrick Blessinger, series editor.


Published by Emerald Group Publishing


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Keywords: university partnerships, cross-border partnerships, university alliances, joint programs, inter-institutional collaborations



This volume will examine the diverse ways in which universities and colleges around the world are partnering and collaborating with each other to fulfill their missions and visions. University partnerships also include university-school (basic education) collaborative partnerships to improve local school systems. This volume also covers those policy and strategy issues that cut across all topic areas such as political and legal implications, social and cross-cultural considerations, professional ethics, and risk management. These collaborative programs, projects, initiatives, alliances, etc. allow institutions to grow and develop in innovative ways in an era characterized by internationalization of higher education services, increasing student choice and mobility, and an increasing mix of funding models to generate more self-sustaining funding streams.



This volume will explore the relevant issues of international collaborations and partnerships in higher education at the theory, policy, and practice levels. This volume will discuss the purposes and types of international partnerships and collaborations, the different theoretical frameworks and models being utilized, the benefits gained, and the challenges encountered. This book will be an edited book that presents empirically based case studies, other types of research studies, and scholarly essays that provide examples of how universities are collaborating with other institutions locally, nationally and globally. Recommended topic areas include the following: 1) Theory and Principles of University Partnerships, 2) Successful Practices in University Partnerships, and 3) Policies and Strategies for Implementing University Partnerships. Example types of partnerships include the following:


·      faculty exchange programs

·      student study abroad programs

·      overseas branch campuses

·      joint academic programs

·      joint classroom projects

·      inter-institutional faculty learning communities

·      co-matriculation and credit transfer agreements

·      joint research initiatives

·      joint community service initiatives

·      joint sustainable development initiatives

·      joint professional development initiatives for faculty and leadership

·      joint quality assurance and accreditation initiatives

·      cooperative efforts in technology sharing such as global technologies and mobile learning

·      university-school (basic education) collaborative partnerships to improve local school systems



This volume will benefit anyone involved directly in university partnerships and collaborations, including faculty, academic affairs, student affairs, policymakers (e.g., governing leadership, executive leadership), students in the field of education, as well as leaders in international development and non-profit education organizations. 



Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit on or before November 17, 2014 a one (1) page chapter proposal that explains how the proposal fits into the book’s goals and scope.


Important Dates

October 6, 2014:              Call for Chapter Proposals

November 14, 2014:        Proposal Submission Deadline

December 15, 2014:         Notification of Acceptance

April 27, 2015:                 Full Chapter Submission

May 29, 2015:                  Peer Review Results Returned

June 30, 2015:                  Final Chapter Submission Due to Editors

Target Book Release:     November 2015


Submissions should be submitted electronically to:


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Dr. Patrick W. Blessinger

Executive Director & Chief Scientist, International HETL Association


Dr. Barbara Cozza

Associate Professor, School of Education, St. John’s University, USA

Dr. Patrick W. Blessinger
Executive Director & Chief Scientist, International HETL Association
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education
Senior Scholar, Institute for Meaning-Centered Education
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