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Professor Gabriel Ogunmokun




World Academy of Researchers, Educators and Scholars Congress

in Business, Social Sciences, Humanities and Education

(In Association with the Academy of World Finance, Banking, Management and IT Congress)


Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, 21-24 July 2015

Win a free iPad, eReader, etc

Hosted by Sripatum University, Bangkok, Thailand






THEME: Theory, Practice and Research for Improving Organizational Efficiency, Effectiveness and Performance

The ever-increasing challenges in this time of global environmental uncertainty and slow economic growth in local and international environments are dramatically altering the landscape of organizations thus calling for relevant theories, principles and contemporary practices for improving organizational efficiency, effectiveness and performance. This means that organizations must constantly remain innovative and take an integrative view that emphasizes the inter-relatedness and inter-dependency of various organizational functions and interdisciplinary perspectives.


This multidisciplinary congress calls for papers from different disciplines because knowledge learned in one context may become a knowledge base in other contexts that could be vital for future technological development and the advancement of knowledge.  This is an excellent opportunity to network and share current knowledge.  If you are a researcher, educator, practitioner, or scholar in any area of Business (International Business or Local Business), Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Marketing, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Information Technology, Management, Public Administration and Social Policy, Human Resource Management, this Congress is for you!



Track 1:         Business (Local and International Business)

Track 2:         Finance, Banking and Accounting

Track 3:         Social Sciences

Track 4:         Humanities

Track 5:         Education

Track 6:         Information Technology

Track 7:         Marketing

Track 8:         Management

Track 9:         Public Administration and Social Policy

Track 10:       Human Resource Management

Track 11:       Doctoral Research Session

Track 12:       Digital Analytics

Track 13:       Retailing

Track 14:       Women in Leadership and Management


TYPES OF PAPERS FOR SUBMISSIONS: Your submission can be in any of the following four categories.

• An abstract only paper must be between 100-150 words; or

• A proposal/work in progress paper to be no longer than 5 pages; or

• A competitive full paper to be no longer than 15 pages; or

• A literature review paper to be no longer than 15 pages but needs to provide theoretical insights based on reviews of relevant literature.


CALL FOR TRACK CHAIRS: To be considered to serve as a track chair please email Executive Conference Director and Program Chair, Professor Gabriel Ogunmokun.  [log in to unmask]  All track chairs must attend the Conference.


PRIZES AND AWARD: Conference participants have a chance to win a free iPad, eReader, etc through random drawing of names. There is also a “Best Paper” Award.  Best competitive papers at the Conference will also be considered for possible publication in any of these refereed journals:

Ø     Journal of Management and World Business Research ISSN1449-3179

Ø     Journal of International Marketing and Exporting ISSN 1324-5864

Ø      International Journal of Business, Social Sciences, Humanities and Education ISSN 2201-3105 New double blind peer refereed journal

Ø      International Journal of Business and Marketing (ISSN 1448-9848) – New double blind peer refereed journal


Please email all papers to Professor Gabriel Ogunmokun (Program Chair and Congress Director) [log in to unmask] who will forward them to appropriate reviewers/track Chairs.


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