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October 11, 2014

 Dear AIB friends,

            The Allied Academies (a very
prestigious organization) has announced to publish a special issue of its Journal
of International Business Research with me as its Editor. We are
looking for articles (both for this special issue, and also for the Allied
Academies’ upcoming conferences) based upon aspects of global economics and
trade (see examples below).

forward this information to your colleagues/contacts. I look forward to your


Narendra C. Bhandari, Ph.D.

Professor of Management

Pace University

New York, NY 10038

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Examples of Global Economics Topics

Import, export,
barter, balance of trade, trade deficit, effects on employment and wages, trade
equilibrium, etc.

Offshoring, insourcing, foreign direct investment, etc.

Free trade zone, free and fair trade, comparative advantage, competitive
advantage, etc.

Cost, insurance, freight, documents, etc.

barriers: Tariffs, quotas, licenses, subsidies, bribery, exchange rate controls, voluntary export restraints, etc.

Monetary Fund, World Bank, European Union, World Trade Organization, etc.


Examples of Topics Based Upon Bhandari’s
theory of Trade Equilibrium (as published in the Journal of International
Business Studies, 2014, No. 1, pp. 91-104)

of on the current (incomplete, lopsided) discussions on insourcing and

multiplier effects of this model on investments, employment, growth, and peace

of eliminating additional U.S. trade deficit on the U.S. public debt, Social
Security Fund, U.S. tax expenditures, etc.

would these dollars coming home go; how they would be invested? How investments
in U.S. industries would affect its manufacturing industries; and vice versa.

these dollars, owned by foreigners, be invested in the U.S. defense industries?

on the American national pride, security, and economic independence.

on the economy and jobs of the trade-deficit countries such as Spain.

on the economy and jobs of the trade-surplus countries such as China and Japan:
On their return on investment, infrastructure, etc.


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