Dear Colleagues,

I have an undergraduate student in my class this semester with dyslexia. He is a bright and motivated young adult (early 20’s) whom my School (and I) strongly believe will be an excellent business graduate. The student in question was diagnosed with dyslexia in his early teens and successfully completed high school/matriculated into University, albeit some years behind his peers. 

The student has just commenced the business program (first year, first semester) and, while he is currently receiving university-provided educational support for completing course-based assignments, he will be needing additional support during exams (for handwriting exam answers). The head of school is currently thinking through appropriate solutions, and we would be grateful for advice and suggestions from those in the AIB community re how to successfully address the particular learning needs of the student in question. Suggestions as to websites, books, reading material, practical support and other approaches would be most welcome.

Our deepest thanks in advance for your help,
Yvonne McNulty

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