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Management and Organization Review, Volume 10, Issue 2, is now available online (links provided below). This special issue on Business Leadership in the Chinese Context contains four interesting articles and an introduction from guest editors Zhi-Xue Zhang, (George) Zhen Xiong Chen, Ya-Ru Chen, and Soon Ang. In addition, there are four editorials on the hurdles journals are now facing with the peer review process and MOR’s plans to overcome these challenges. Lastly, a response to a dialogue on Yin-Yang by Peter Ping Li is included, along with several pieces of artwork for your enjoyment.


We hope you will enjoy reading this issue’s interesting articles!

 -The MOR Editorial Team



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© 2014 The International Association for Chinese Management Research

Volume 10, Issue 2 Pages viii - viii, 167 - 335, July 2014






Editorials on Reviewing

The Peer-review Process: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Extraordinary (pages 167–173)

Arie Y. Lewin


The Developmental Reviewer (pages 175–181)
Paul S. Hempel


Addressing Reviewer Comments as an Integrative Negotiation (pages 183–190)
Leigh Anne Liu


Ensuring Manuscript Quality and Preserving Authorial Voice: The Balancing Act of Editors (pages 191–197)
Eric W. K. Tsang



Special Issue: Business Leadership in the Chinese Context



Business Leadership in the Chinese Context: Trends, Findings, and Implications 中国情境下的企业领导力:趋势、研究发现与含义 (pages 199–221)
Zhi-Xue Zhang, (George) Zhen Xiong Chen, Ya-Ru Chen and Soon Ang



Leader–Member Relationship and Burnout: The Moderating Role of Leader Integrity. 领导-成员关系与下属工作倦怠:领导正直的调解作用 (pages 223–247)

Jane Y. Jiang, Kenneth S. Law and James J. M. Sun


Authentic Leadership, Traditionality, and Interactional Justice in the Chinese Context. 实型领导力、传统性与交互公平感在中国环境中的关系 (pages 249–273)
Fangjun Li, Kuo Frank Yu, Jixia Yang, Zhenjiang Qi and Jeanne Ho-ying Fu


A Multilevel Analysis of Middle Manager Performance: The Role of CEO and Top Manager Leadership CEO及高层经理的领导行为对中层经理工作绩效的多层次交互影响 (pages 275–297)
Lynda Jiwen Song, Xiujuan Zhang and Joshua B. Wu


Leader Integrity and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in China. 中国领导者的正直品格对组织公民行为之影响 (pages 299–319)
Gang Zhang, Yuntao Bai, Arran Caza and Lu Wang



The Unique Value of Yin-Yang Balancing: A Critical Response (pages 321–332)
Peter Ping Li



Momma Lion (page viii)

Man and Nature (page 174)

The Lake Eye (page 198)

Small Fans (page 248)

The Sea Cloud of Huang Mountain (page 298)


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