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International Management 

Volume 20, Issue 3 
<>,  Pages 
279-378, September 2014
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	1. 	**Editorial Board* 

/Pages IFC/


*  Articles*

	2. 	**Unfavorable Market Conditions, Institutional and Financial 
Development, and Exits of Foreign Subsidiaries* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 279-289/
Sangcheol Song


	3. 	**Multinational Organizations as Rule-following Bureaucracies — The 
Example of Catholic Orders* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 290-311/
Katja Rost, Gitte Graetzer


	4. 	**Building and Leveraging Interpersonal Trust Within and Across MNE 
Subsidiaries: A Social Exchange Perspective* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 312-326/
Christine Lai, Barjinder Singh, Abdullah A. Alshwer, Margaret A. Shaffer


	5. 	**Employer Attractiveness in Latin America: The Association Among 
Foreignness, Internationalization and Talent Recruitment* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 327-344/
William Newburry, Naomi A. Gardberg, Juan I. Sanchez


	6. 	**The Impact of Vicarious Experience on Foreign Location Strategy* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 345-358/
Guoliang F. Jiang, Guy L.F. Holburn, Paul W. Beamish


	7. 	**The Smirk of Emerging Market Firms: A Modification of the 
Dunning's Typology of Internationalization Motivations* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 359-374/
Kaveh Moghaddam, Deepak Sethi, Thomas Weber, Jun Wu


*  Book Review*

	8. 	**, Global Elites: The Opaque Nature of Transnational Policy 
DeterminationAndrew Kakabadse, Nada Kakabadse(2012), Palgrave Macmillan 
(ISBN978-0-230-27873-8, £68.00, 341 pp.)* 

/Pages 375-377/
Robson Sø Rocha


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