It has been a moment of shock to receive the news by Rajneesh Narula from HBS, Reading University, confirming the passing away of Professor Alan M Rugman this morning.

Alan had been the founding member of Reading School of International Business, Reading University, UK and currently serving there until this morning of July 2014. His services for the Academy of International Business are a lot more than just memorable. 

My introduction to Rugman is from the time of my doing Masters in Economics where his book on International Economics, taught by Dr Mushtaq Ahmad-my learned professor- spearheaded my interest in this area, which further was channeled into the choice of international business/marketing in my academic and research career.   

The news has also flooded my mind with the brief yet fruitful conversations I have had with Rugman while exchanging emails back in 2011 and phone calls to discuss my PhD topic with him and Prof Mark Casson and the possibility of his potential supervision of my work at HBS. It were his those great points and suggested readings on the emerging issues in international business/marketing that MNEs may face in 21st century and many centuries ahead that had mainly shaped my topic in my PhD studies carried out at UUM, Malaysia.  

Reading of his work has had always been a thing of joy for me due to the lively scholarship and incisive intellect I have ever felt while reading through.  He has been, to me, the one to whom the title of Professor of International Business really suited so well. 

Now that he is no more with us, his knowledge, work and services to scholarship will keep on brightening the ways of students, academics and policy analysts. 

His colleagues are remembering him today as a gentleman on various blogs and thus adding to his value as a brighter human. I wish him eternal peace. 



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