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*Call for Chapters Contributions:*
*Dimensions and Perspectives on Financial Participation in Europe*
(to be published by Nomos Publishing with ISBN and eISBN)

*Simon Fietze & Wenzel Matiaske (eds.)*

While the PEPPER reports give an overview over the spread of employee
financial participation (EFP) and the legislation in the different European
countries, there have only been a few conferences and workshops addressing
a broad perspective on research into this topic. In January 2014 the
conference ‘Taking Action: Promotion of Employee Share Ownership (ESO)’
promoted an ongoing debate on EFP in Europe. The conference highlighted the
positive impact of employee share ownership on employees and the
organisation. The results were concrete policy options to further promote
EFP at EU level. The idea for this book arose one year before during the
workshop ‘Dimensions and Perspectives on Financial Participation in Europe’
which brought together leading researchers in the field of EFP (Andrew
Pendleton, Erik Poutsma, Jens Lowitzsch, amongst others) presenting their
recent studies and showing the broad perspective and different research
approaches to the topic.

To contribute to the ongoing political and scientific debate the main
purpose of the book is to produce a systematic overview of the employee
financial participation field, providing a state of the art perspective and
highlighting unanswered questions and opportunities for further research on
EFP in European countries. It is intended to tie the empirical and
theoretical discussion together. Chapter proposals from various
disciplinary perspectives (management, psychology, sociology and economics)
and methodological approaches (qualitative and quantitative as well as
theoretical contributions) will be welcome. All units of analysis
(individual, group/team, business units, the organisation and the
interrelation between them) are appropriate. Topics of interest include,
but are not limited to:

*Country Reports:*

   - Dimensions and perspectives on financial participation in Europe on a
   country level (e.g. using recent (panel) data sets)
   - Comparative dimensions and perspectives on financial participation
   (comparing two or more countries) also drawn from non-European

*Case Studies:*

   - Individual and organizational perspectives on financial participation,
   - The range from employee share ownership plans to co-operatives and
   employee-owned enterprises
   - The role of trade unions and work councils and social partners
   - Development and consequences of psychological ownership, social
   capital, organisational and individual identification inter alia

*Submission Procedure*

   - Submission of 1-2-page chapter proposal to both editors: *15 July 2014*
   - Notification of acceptance: *30 August 2014*
   - Submission of chapters (max. 10.000 words): *15 December 2014*
   - (followed by an editorial review)
   - Publication date: *March 2015*

*Further details and discussion are welcome:*

   - Asst. Professor Dr. Simon Fietze, University of Southern Denmark:
   email: [log in to unmask]
   - Professor Dr. Wenzel Matiaske, Helmut-Schmidt-University: email:
   [log in to unmask]

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