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The latest issue of International Journal of Emerging Markets, a special issue linked to the ‘China Goes Global’ group, has recently published.  You can find links to all articles below – enjoy your reading!


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A review of institutional influences on the rise of made-in-China multinationals

Xiaohua Yang, Clyde D. Stoltenberg (pp. 162 - 180)

Keywords: Chinese multinational firms, Coevolution, Financial crises, Foreign direct investment (FDI), Globalization, Institutional theory

Article type: Conceptual paper


How do Chinese multinationals perceive factors affecting the integration-responsiveness framework?

Di Fan, Cherrie Jiuhua Zhu (pp. 181 - 204)

Keywords: Chinese multinationals, Hybrid factors, Integration, Multinational enterprises (MNEs), Responsiveness

Article type: Research paper


Chinese multinationals and public policy

Alan M. Rugman, Quyen T.K. Nguyen, Ziyi Wei (pp. 205 - 215)

Keywords: Chinese firms, Complementary goals with home country, Conflicting goals with Western host countries, Protectionism, Public policy-MNE framework

Article type: Viewpoint


Diplomacy and investment – the case of China

Jianhong Zhang, Jiangang Jiang, Chaohong Zhou (pp. 216 - 235)

Keywords: China, Diplomatic activities, Institution, Moderating effect, Outward foreign direct investment

Article type: Research paper


Reregulation of China's rare earth production and export

Yujia He (pp. 236 - 256)

Keywords: China, Governance, Industrial policy, Markets and institutions, Rare earth elements, Reregulation

Article type: Research paper


Does Chinese investment affect Sub-Saharan African growth?

Jian Zhang, Ilan Alon, Yanan Chen (pp. 257 - 275)

Keywords: Africa, Capital flows, China, Foreign direct investment

Article type: Research paper


China's rare earth sector – between domestic consolidation and global hegemony

Reinhard Peter Biedermann (pp. 276 - 293)

Keywords: China, Competition state, Global strategy, Public policy, Rare earth metals, Raw materials diplomacy

Article type: Research paper


China's government procurement negotiations in the electric energy sector with WTO members: A suggested theoretical model

Stéphane Coudé (pp. 294 - 315)

Keywords: China, Government Procurement Agreement of WTO, Government Procurement Agreements Negotiations, Multiple case study, Qualitative comparative analysis

Article type: Research paper


On the convergence of corporate governance practices in emerging markets

Christoph Lattemann (pp. 316 - 332)

Keywords: BRIC, Corporate governance, International management

Article type: Research paper


The attractiveness of emerging market MNCs as employers of European and American talent workers: A multicultural study

Terry D. Alkire (pp. 333 - 370)

Keywords: Emerging market multinationals, Liability of origin, Liability of regional foreignness, Organizational attractivenss, Outward foreign direct investment

Article type: Research paper




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