Business Expert Press (BEP) seeks management scholars to write books on
topics related to International Management or International Business.  We
particularly seek books on leading-edge topics such as, but not limited to,
international business in the services sector, doing business in evolving
governmental and institutional environments, international finance, doing
business in the global middle class, and doing business in India or Latin
America or other emerging markets.

BEP publishes concise (100-150 pages), academically sound and applied books
that provide supplemental material for undergraduate, MBA, and executive
business education as well as for the executive education and business
professional markets.

BEP has a strong track record in publishing and distributing books across
all fields and emerging topics in business, to provide supplemental
material for undergraduate, MBA, and executive business education. Books
are available in both electronic and print formats. Books can be
supplemented, as needed, with cases, articles, newsletters and podcasts.
 BEP distributes its books through ECCH, Xanadu, SIPX and Harvard Business
Publishing - the leading providers of course packs.  Visit BEP at to get a sense for who and what we publish in

Reasons to publish a book with BEP include, to (i) enhance your teaching,
(ii) promote your consulting practice, (iii) address a specific need, or
(iv) build your reputation. You earn royalties. BEP generates substantial
sales to business and higher education libraries.  There are some 7000 such
libraries worldwide.   Prices paid for library sales are substantial,
yielding significant royalties.

Suitable material for the executive teaching and training market segment is
sparse. Most educators rely on extracts from textbooks, articles, readings,
and cases, typically bound as custom packets. The best teachers often
distribute some of their own work in these custom packets. If you have your
own "teaching notes" or PowerPoint presentations, these can serve as the
starting point for a short book.

As the collection editors for international business, we will review your
proposal and offer feedback on your manuscript prior to approving it for
production. Professional copy editors help you polish the manuscript. BEP
uses a 120-day production timeline from start to printed book in-stock.

Business Expert Press is headed by Stewart Mattson, a former
editor-in-chief at McGraw-Hill. Stewart ran a publishing division at
McGraw-Hill with revenues of $100 million that published hundreds of
successful titles. Stewart obtained his MBA in International Management
from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

We urge you to leverage your expertise into a short, focused book for the
business education market. If you have an idea for a book that fits this
business model, please contact  us via email. We look forward to discussing
this opportunity.


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