Dear Fellow AIB Members,

I know this is a bit late in the game, but I am interested in putting
together a panel for track 9 - The Final Frontier: Sustainable Business in
Developing Markets - at this years AIB-Southeast Conference (late October).
 The description of track 9 is as follows:

We encourage papers that examine institutional and sustainability aspects
of emerging economies and the challenges these pose for MNEs and
Institutions. This track invites manuscripts that examine how institutions
in emerging versus developed economies influence the behavior and
performance MNEs. We encourage submissions that bridge the gap between
theory and practice, and explore links between complementary disciplines
(such as political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, business
history and economics) and IB. We welcome submissions that examine how
changes in the economic and institutional environments in developed and
emerging economies affect traditional patterns of firm-state-NGO

I am especially interested in a panel that would address the four elements
that most likely will provide the foundation for the UN's Sustainable
Development Goals: poverty alleviation; social inclusion; good governance;
protection of the environment.  Interdisciplinary work is most welcome.

The deadline for submissions is June 15th, so ideally I would need to hear
back from interested parties no later than June 13th.  As usually is the
case with panel submissions, I will need an abstract of your work, a brief
description of it, your contact information, and assurance that you will
attend the conference if the panel is accepted.  I will then tailor the
title and description of the panel to best fit the mix of work I receive.

My apologies for the late notice, but I'm hopeful a quality panel can be


John Dilyard, Ph.D.

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